22nd Video Review of
Computational Geometry

part of the
29th Symposium on Computational Geometry

June 17-20, 2013
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This year, the video/multimedia review of computational geometry is being distributed on the web, via this site site as well as the ACM digital library. The videos are available in one of the original formats provided by the authors.
Click presentation titles for a link to the accompanying paper. These short papers appeared in the Proceedings of the 29th Symposium on Computational Geometry, and are available through the ACM Digital Library's online proceedings (provided you or your institution has a subscription).

Videos and Multimedia


Polyominoes on Twisted Cylinders
Gill Barequet and Mira Shalah.
Interactive Visualization of 3D Configuration Spaces
Justin Stoecker and Victor Milenkovic.
Parametric Search Visualization
Ivaylo Ilinkin.
Triangulating Unknown Environments using Robot Swarms
Aaron Becker, Sándor P. Fekete, Alexander Kröller, Seoung Kyou Lee, James McLurkin, and Christiane Schmidt.
Point Guards and Point Clouds: Solving General Art Gallery Problems
Dorit Borrmann, Pedro J. de Rezende, Cid C. de Souza, Sándor P. Fekete, Stephan Friedrichs, Alexander Kröller, Andreas Nüchter, Christiane Schmidt, and Davi C. Tozoni.

Videos and Documents

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These videos were selected from the submissions by the following video program committee:

22nd Annual Video Review of Computational Geometry

29th Symposium on Computational Geometry