Announcing BibFinder: a bibliography search engine for your use

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Thu Feb 13 19:10:06 PST 2003

Dear all,

You can now use the BibFinder tool to get information on all sorts of
information about CS papers.
check out

BibFinder is a free computer science bibliography search engine. It
integrates CSB, DBLP, ACM Digital Library, ScienceDirect, CiteSeer,
and Google. These sources are partially overlapping both in tuples and
attributes. For example, some sources may have bibtex for a paper,
some may have pdf file for the paper, some may have abstract. By
combining them, present a unified andmore complete view to the user.
More detailed information about BibFinder is available at

If you want to put a link on your homepage to get a collated list of
your publications, you can do so with the following link:
(or any other query which can identify your publications).

If you have any suggestions, please send them to nie at


Zaiqing Nie

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