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Jean-Daniel Boissonnat Jean-Daniel.Boissonnat at
Tue Feb 11 11:50:31 PST 2003

Subject: Hybrid Grid generation for reservoir fluid flow simulation

Located 10kms (6miles) from Paris, the Institut Français  du  Pétrole  (IFP)
is a French  industrial research, education, and information  center  active
in the fields of oil, natural gas, and automobiles. The mission of  the  IFP
is to develop innovative technologies that will allow sustainable growth  of
the hydrocarbon and automobile  industries  and  preserve  the  environment.
Research and Development (R&D) at  the  IFP  is  applied  and  by  vocation,
covering every technical  field  related  to  oil  and  natural  gas,  their
derivatives and substitutes: exploration,  drilling,  production,  refining,
petrochemicals, internal combustion engines and the rational use of  energy,
together with the  associated  aspects  of  environmental  protection.  This
applied research is however backed up by  substantial  fundamental  research
which is vital  for  the  continued  development  of  the  IFP's  scientific
assets, and consequently, of its long  term  future  (for  more  information
about IFP see ).
The proposed work is related to a  research  program  held  at  the  IFP  on
multiphase fluid  flow  simulation   in  porous  media  aiming  to  optimise
reservoir oil production.
Grid generation and management is a key step in such  kinds  of  simulation.
Recently the IFP has proposed an original hybrid grid modelling  methodology
for more accurate reservoir simulation. This approach has been  successfully
developed and tested in the 2.5D case. The retained candidate will  join  an
active research team in charge of the extension  of  this  hybrid  modelling
into full 3D, with tests and validation. More specifically  he/she  will  be
involved with the geometrical aspects of this 3D extension related  to  grid
generation and management.
The applicant should have a recent Ph. D. and some experience  working  with
grid generation and/or computational geometry and should  be  familiar  with
programming in C++ and the Unix environment. The salary  will  be  of  about
2200 Euros/month. The duration is from 12 to 18 months, starting as soon  as

For application or more information please contact and/or send  your  resume
Chakib Bennis
1 & 4, avenue de Bois-Préau
92852 Rueil-Malmaison
Phone: +33 1 47 52 71 31
Fax: +33 1 47 52 70 22
E-mail: Chakib.Bennis at

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