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Michiel Smid michiel at scs.carleton.ca
Mon Feb 10 08:35:25 PST 2003

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Final Call For Papers

Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures (WADS) 

July 30 - August 1, 2003 
Ottawa, Canada 

Submission deadline: February 20, 2003 

The Workshop, which alternates with the Scandinavian Workshop on 
Algorithm Theory, is intended as a forum for researchers in the 
area of design and analysis of algorithms and data structures. We 
invite submissions of papers presenting original research on the 
theory and application of algorithms and data structures in all 
areas, including combinatorics, computational geometry, databases, 
graphics, parallel and distributed computing. 

Contributors are invited to submit a full paper (not exceeding 12 
pages). Detailed submission instructions are located at 
http://www.wads.org. Submissions must arrive on or before 
Feb. 20 at 12:00 noon EST. Authors will be notified of acceptance or 
rejection by April 21, 2003. Proceedings will be published in the 
Springer Verlag series Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The final 
versions of accepted papers must arrive in camera-ready form before 
May 12, 2003 to ensure the availability of the proceedings at the 
Selected papers will be invited for publication in a special issue 
of Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications.  

Invited Speakers: Gilles Brassard, Daniel Spielman, Dorothea Wagner.

Special Presentation: 
Wing T. Yan (Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP, www.nelligan.ca), 
"Protecting your intellectual property".

Pre-WADS Special Event: 
one-day tutorial on "Neural Networks in System Identification and 
Forecasting: Principles, Techniques, Applications" by 
Georg Zimmermann, Siemens AG, Muenchen

Post-WADS Special Event: 
one-day workshop on Fixed Parameter Tractability (FPT)

Conference Chair: Michiel Smid

Program Committee: 
Co-Chairs: F. Dehne, J.-R. Sack, M. Smid.  

Lars Arge (Duke) 
Susanne Albers (Freiburg) 
Michael Atkinson (Dunedin) 
Hans Bodlaender (Utrecht) 
Gerth Brodal (Aarhus) 
Tom Cormen (Dartmouth) 
Timothy Chan (Waterloo) 
Erik Demaine (MIT) 
Mike Fellows (Newcastle) 
Pierre Freigniaud (Paris-Sud) 
Naveen Garg (Delhi) 
Andrew Goldberg (Microsoft) 
Giuseppe Italiano (Rome) 
Ravi Janardan (Minneapolis) 
Rolf Klein (Bonn) 
Stephan Naeher (Trier) 
Giri Narasimhan (Florida International University) 
Rolf Niedermeier (Tuebingen) 
Viktor Prasanna (Southern California) 
Andrew Rau-Chaplin (Halifax) 
R. Ravi (Carnegie Mellon) 
Paul Spirakis (Patras) 
Roberto Tamassia (Brown) 
Jeff Vitter (Purdue) 
Dorothea Wagner (Konstanz) 
Peter Widmayer (Zurich)

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