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			  23rd conference on
			    (FSTTCS '03)

			December 15--17,  2003
	    Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India


The Indian Association for Research in Computing Science, IARCS,
announces the 23nd Annual FSTTCS Conference in Mumbai.

The FSTTCS conference is a forum for presenting original results in
foundational aspects of Computer Science and Software Technology. The
conference proceedings are published by Springer-Verlag as
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).

Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original and
unpublished research in any area of Theoretical Computer Science or
Foundational aspects of Software Technology. Representative areas
include, but are not limited to: 

 Automata, Languages and Computability
 Automated Reasoning, Rewrite Systems, and Applications
 Combinatorial Optimization
 Computational Geometry
 Computational Biology
 Complexity Theory
 Concurrency Theory
 Cryptography and Security Protocols
 Database Theory  and Information Retrieval
 Data Structures
 Graph and Network Algorithms
 Implementation of Algorithms
 Logic, Proof Theory, Model Theory and Applications
 Logics of Programs and Temporal Logics
 New Models of Computation
 Parallel and Distributed Computing
 Programming language design
 Randomized and Approximation Algorithms
 Real-time and Hybrid Systems
 Semantics of Programming Languages
 Software Specification and Verification
 Static Analysis and  Type Systems
 Theory of Functional and Constraint-based Programming

In addition, there will be workshops at IIT Bombay following FSTTCS'03
on some current areas of research (topics to be announced on the
conference web page).  The following two conferences on related areas
will be also be held in Mumbai between 9 and 13 December 2003:
International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP'03) and ASIAN'03.

Submission Guidelines

Authors may submit drafts of full papers or extended
abstracts. Submissions are limited to 12 pages in LNCS style (see the
conference site for full details). Proofs omitted due to space
constraints may be put into a clearly marked appendix.

Electronic submission is very strongly recommended. For details,
please look at the conference site: http://www.fsttcs.org

For an accepted paper to be included in the proceedings, one of the
authors must commit to presenting the paper at the conference.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: 1 July 2003
Notification:        15 August 2003
Final Version due:   15 September 2003

Conference Site:     http://www.fsttcs.org/

Program Committee:

R Alur (University of Pennsylvania)
V Arvind (IMSc, Chennai)
M Charikar (Princeton University)
T Dey (Ohio State University)
J Esparza (University of Stuttgart)
S Ghosh (TIFR, Mumbai)
M Halldorsson (University of Iceland)
J Radhakrishnan (TIFR, Mumbai, co-chair)
H Karloff (AT&T Labs--Research)
K Lodaya (IMSc, Chennai)
PB Miltersen (BRICS, Aarhus)
J Mitchell (Stanford)
P O'Hearn (Queen Mary, London)
PK Pandya (TIFR, Mumbai, co-chair)
S Prasad (IIT Delhi)
SK Rajamani (Microsoft research, Redmond)
S Sen (IIT Delhi)
D Sivakumar (IBM, Almaden)
G Sivakumar (IIT Bombay)
Th Wilke (University of Kiel)
U Zwick (Tel Aviv University)

School of Technology and Computer Science
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Mumbai 400 005

fsttcs at tifr.res.in
Phone: +91 22 2215 2971
Fax:   +91 22 2215 2110
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