constrained/conforming tetrahedrization algorithms - bounds on Steiner point insertion

Joshi, Bhautik (CTIP, Marsfield) Bhautik.Joshi at
Sat Feb 15 13:08:41 PST 2003


I have recently been trying to establish the current state-of-the art in 
constrained/conforming tetrahedrization algorithms.

One thing that I have not been able to establish clearly is the current
lowest upper bound for the number of steiner points inserted into a mesh
for a conforming (or, if the Delaunay requirements are relaxed, a
constrained) triangulation.

In two dimensions, it seems that that bound has been farily well
established, but in three it seems a little unclear. I have been able to
find a couple of papers that establish a bound that is 'too much for
practical use' - would anybody out there be able to point me at any recent
publications that could better establish that bound?


Bhautik Joshi
PhD Student, UNSW/CSIRO Australia

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