SoCG Electronic Submissions

Dave MOUNT mount at
Wed Nov 27 11:00:34 PST 2002

Dear CGer's,
We are moving to a new conference electronic submission system for this
year's Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG'03).  It is called
Echelon.  It will replace the email-based SIGACT conference server that
has been used in the previous SOCG conferences.  One advantage of the new
system is that it supports submission of papers in both postscript and PDF
formats.  It also provides a better interface for the program committee
and has built-in support for providing comments to authors.

We apologize for the delay, but the system is now ready.  There is,
however, one unfortunate delay in bringing the system on line.  The
University of Maryland has scheduled a power outage from the evening of
Thurs Nov 28 through the evening of Fri Nov 29 (Eastern Standard Time).
During this time the conference web page and electronic submission system
will not be accessible.  We anticipate having everything running by
Saturday, Nov 30.

On Nov 30, a link to the electronic submission system will be provided on
the conference web page

Instructions will be provided on how to use the new system.

Thank you for your patience,

David Mount and Mark de Berg
SoCG'03 Program Chairs

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