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---------------------Third (and last) call for papers-----------------------

                 Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming

is preparing a 

                             Special issue on
        the practical development of exact real number computation.

You may find the Call for Papers at:


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Deadline for submissions: December 31, 2002.

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                 Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming

                               Special issue on 
	the practical development of exact real number computation

        Web Page:

                Deadline for submissions: December 31, 2002

Exact real number computation addresses the gap between the practice and
theory  of working  with real numbers.  On the practical side,  floating
point numbers with fixed precision (being a finite set... ) dominate the
daily use of real numbers on computers.  On the theoretical side, models
of computability and computational complexity in analysis  have grown in
parallel. We seek to close the gap by e.g. 

- research on programming languages for non denumerable data sets
- algorithms of approximate nature but with unrestricted precision

Here 'unrestricted precision' denotes the possibility to achieve results
with an arbitrary high precision,  usually combined  with a strict error
analysis or with the use of interval methods.

The  Journal of  Logic  and  Algebraic  Programming  is an international
journal  whose aim is to publish  original work  in the areas of logical
and  algebraic  methods and techniques  for programming  in its broadest
The Journal of  Logic  and  Algebraic Programming complements Elsevier's
Science of Computer Programming and  Theoretical Computer Science by its
focus  on the foundations of  logical, algebraic and categorical methods
for programming.
For more information, visit

This  special issue  covers  the spectrum  from  theoretical results  to
concrete applications of exact real number computation, with an emphasis
on programming languages and implementations.

Submissions are sollicited on topics including, but not limited to:

- abstract models of computation for non denumerable sets
- programming languages for exact real arithmetic
- data structures for exact real numbers or for `large` subsets
  of the reals
- algorithms for exact arithmetic on real numbers
- algorithms for approximate arithmetic or interval arithmetic,
  but with unrestricted precision
- complexity theory related to arithmetic on real numbers
- symbolic or algebraic computations on real numbers
- survey articles or case studies on the area

We look for original, unpublished contributions of high quality that are
not submitted elsewhere.   All submissions  will be evaluated on the the
ususal criteria  (like technical content, originality... ),  but also on
how they  "bridge the gap",  i.e.  having both   theoretical aspects and
practical experiments will be a bonus.

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2002.
Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection before May 1, 2003.
We anticipate publication of the special issue about end of 2003.

Authors are requested to submit their paper (in either Postscript or PDF)
electronically to the chief editor indicated below. We encourage the use
of the Elsevier style file with LaTeX

In order to speed up the review process,  authors are strongly encouraged
to send (tentative)  title and  abstract to the  chief editor  as soon as

Chief editor:

  Norbert Mueller       mueller at
                        Fachbereich IV - Abteilung Informatik
                        Universitaet Trier
                        D-54286 Trier

Guest editors:

  Martin Escardo        m.escardo at
                        School of Computer Science
                        University of Birmingham
                        Birmingham B15 2TT

  Paul Zimmermann       Paul.Zimmermann at
                        INRIA Lorraine
                        Technopole de Nancy-Brabois
                        615 rue du Jardin Botanique, BP 101 
                        F-54600 Villers-les-Nancy

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