The Virtual Stained Glass Workshop

Eden Eden at Cs.McGill.Ca
Sat Jan 16 18:57:04 PST 1999

VoronoImage: The Virtual Stained Glass Workshop
             created by Mark Grundland
             School of Computer Science at McGill University
             Montreal, Canada

VoronoImage is Macintosh program that transforms any ordinary photograph
into an image of a stained glass panel. The magic is performed by fractal
Voronoi diagrams. The technique works through generating a partition tree
representing a fractal arrangement of discreet Voronoi diagrams, where each
Voronoi polygon is recursively subdivided into a Voronoi diagram. The
Voronoi diagrams are calculated using a fast Euclidean distance mapping

Web Site:
          Includes on-line manual, technical guide,
          as well as a gallery of artwork created with VoronoImage.

Questions? Contact me at MGrund at PO-Box.McGill.Ca

                 - Mark Grundland
                   A student of the art of computing
                    & a freelance software developer.


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