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Apparently my message about JeoEdit Java Polygon & Point Editors got
cut off in the middle on its way to the mailing list, so I am reposting it.

Here is all the information, including the URL.


JeoEdit: Java Polygon & Point Editors
         created by Mark Grundland for Godfried Toussaint
         Computational Geometry Lab
         School of Computer Science at McGill University
         Montreal, Canada

The JeoEdit package, consisting of the JeoEditPoints applet and the
JeoEditPolygon applet, is a set of Java visual editors for computational
geometry. Their mission is to help the computational geometry community to
realize its algorithms and theorems on the internet, by providing a
flexible and easy interface for drawing a set of points or a polygon as
well as the means to communicate this geometric information to any applet.
These ready-to-use editors focus on user interaction while your applet can
concentrate on algorithmic calculation. The advantage of using the JeoEdit
editors is that, by providing a self-contained user interface for
manipulating geometric structures, they leave you free to create the applet
of your dreams without having to worry about how that interface works.

As a measure of its quality, the JeoEdit package has been awarded the "Top
5% of the Web" rating by the Java Applet Rating Service (JARS). The JeoEdit
applets have been thoroughly tested on Windows NT, Solaris, Linux, and Mac
platforms. They are currently free for non-commercial, educational use.

Web Site:
          Includes on-line manuals, development guide, and working examples.

Questions? Contact me at MGrund at PO-Box.McGill.Ca

                 - Mark Grundland
                   A student of the art of computing
                    & a freelance software developer.


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