Vega 1.0 Release

Christoph Hipke hipke at
Mon Jan 18 11:24:20 PST 1999

Vega - Visualization Environment for Geometric Algorithms
Created by Christoph A. Hipke and Sven Schuierer
Institut fuer Informatik, Universitaet Freiburg, Germany

Vega is a new distributed and flexible environment for the
visualization of geometric algorithms. It is based on a 
client/server architecture where the algorithms run 
on UNIX servers making use of algorithm libraries such as 
LEDA and CGAL and the client runs on any Java Virtual Machine.

- User interface for interactively editing hierarchically
  structured scenes of geometric objects, starting 
  algorithms, and viewing the results
- Easy adaption of existing algorithms,
  support for LEDA and CGAL
- Flexible adjustment of the visualization output
  through view attributes
- Distributed asynchronous narrow-bandwidth protocol,
  on-line and off-line visualization

Information about Vega is available at the following URL.
For non-commercial purposes the Vega Client, Server, and
Library can be downloaded.

A Technical Report that provides an overview of the 
Vega system and its concepts is also available:

Please direct comments and questions to 
Christoph A. Hipke <hipke at>

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