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On October 6 I sent a request for posting a phd-vacancy. So far I did 
not see
it among the compgeom-announce mailings. Could you please send it around

Thanks a lot,
Gert Vegter

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I'd appreciate having the announcement below posted via compgeom-announce.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Gert Vegter

Prof.Dr. G. Vegter
University of Groningen, Department of Mathematics and Computing Science
P.O.Box 800, 9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands      
URL: http://www.cs.rug.nl/~gert/   Tel: +31 50 363 39 30


               Opening for a PhD position                          

                    on the project                                 
             Certified Shape Reconstruction 
         University of Groningen, The Netherlands 


Shape sampling, shape reconstruction and shape deformation are central
topics related to object modeling from range data in computer
graphics, reverse engineering of sampled mechanical parts in computer
aided design (CAD), shape transformation in medical contour
interpolation, computer assisted surgical planning like repairing
missing parts of the skull, and the prediction of soft tissue movement
in image-guided neurosurgery. Sampling is the process of discretizing
a continuous physical shape into a finite set of points using a laser
range scanner, or into a depth-map using X-ray CT data. This process
destroys information, since a continuous object is represented by a
finite point set. In general, also topological information like
neighborship of points is lost. The goal of shape reconstruction is to
obtain a continuous representation of the sampled shape, preferably
with bounds on the error between the reconstructed shape and the input
shape from which the sample was taken. In this project we aim at
developing fast meshless surface reconstruction methods guaranteeing a
correct topology of the output. As a proof of concept, we will
transfer our developments to application areas by designing software
implementing this new technology. This software should validate our
approach. It should also be useful in practical situations occurring
in reverse engineering, medical imaging and surgery. A first
application area, in which we collaborate with the University Hospital
Groningen, concerns tracking intra-surgical brain deformations in
image-guided neurosurgery.
Download a full description of the project for further details from


You are a university graduate (at the Diploma or Master of Science
level) in Computer Science, Mathematics or Physics. You are expected
to have an excellent academic record (list of examination marks from
your university study) and to be interested in research in Geometric
Computing, Visualization and Computer Graphics. You should be able to
write scientific articles and reports (to be proven by your graduation
thesis or another comparable report) and be fluent in English.


The University of Groningen offers a full time appointment for a
period of 4 years to be concluded with a PhD examintion. In this
period the person appointed has to prepare and defend a PhD
thesis. During the first year, the gross salary is 1813 euro per
month. This amount will increase to 2283 euro per month during the fourth
year. After one year, the performance of the candidate will be
evaluated to decide whether there is sufficient progress to expect a
successful completion of the PhD thesis within the coming three
years. A training programme is part of the agreement.


Send your application, including a CV to Prof.Dr. Gert Vegter
(gert at cs.rug.nl). Applicants are also requested to ask that two
letters of recommendation be sent to this address.
The position will be open until a suitable candidate is found.

Prof.Dr. G. Vegter
University of Groningen, Department of Mathematics and Computing Science
P.O.Box 800, 9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands      
URL: http://www.cs.rug.nl/~gert/   Tel: +31 50 363 39 30

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