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  The following papers have been accepted to the 11th International
Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2003), to be held September 21-24, 2003, at
the University of Perugia, Italy.
  For more information about the conference, please see the web page:



title: Layout of UML diagrams: empirical studies of comprehension
author(s): Helen C. Purchase, David Carrington, Linda Colpoys, and
Matthew McGill
type: short paper

title: Degree Navigator$^{TM}$: the Journey of a Visualization Software
author(s): Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Ivan Rival, and Nejib Zaguia
type: poster

title: An Improved Approximation to the One-sided Bilayer Drawing
author(s): Hiroshi Nagamochi
type: long paper

title: Convex Drawing for c-Planar Biconnected Clustered Graphs
author(s): Hiroshi Nagamochi and Katsutoshi Kuroya
type: long paper

title: Nearly Optimal Three Dimensional Layout of Hypercube Networks
author(s): Tiziana Calamoneri and Annalisa Massini
type: long paper

title: Bounds and methods for $k$-planar crossing numbers
author(s): Farhad Shahrokhi, Ondrej S{\'y}kora, L{\'a}szl{\'o}
Sz{\'e}kely, and Imrich {Vrt'o}
type: long paper

title: An Integer Programming Approach to Fuzzy Symmetry Detection
author(s): Christoph Buchheim and Michael J{\"u}nger
type: long paper

title: One-Dimensional Graph Drawing: Part II -- Axis-by-Axis Stress
author(s): Yehuda Koren
type: short paper

title: Optimal Pants Decompositions and Shortest Homotopic Cycles on an
Orientable Surface
author(s): {\'E}ric Colin de Verdi{\`e}re and Francis Lazarus
type: long paper

title: Barycentric drawings of periodic graphs
author(s): Olaf Delgado-Friedrichs
type: long paper

title: Characterizing Families of Cuts that can be Represented by
Axis-Parallel Rectangles
author(s): Ulrik Brandes, Sabine Cornelsen, and Dorothea Wagner
type: long paper

title: Planar Embeddings of Graphs with Specified Edge Lengths
author(s): Sergio Cabello, Erik D. Demaine, and G{\"u}nter Rote
type: long paper

title: Fixed-Location Circular-Arc Drawing of Planar Graphs
author(s): Alon Efrat, Cesim Erten, and Stephen Kobourov
type: long paper

title: GraphEx: An Improved Graph Translation Service
author(s): Stina Bridgeman
type: short paper

title: HexGraph: Applying Graph Drawing Algorithms to the Game of Hex
author(s): Colin Murray, Carsten Friedrich, and Peter Eades
type: poster

title: How many ways can one draw a graph?
author(s): J{\'a}nos Pach and G{\'e}za T{\'o}th
type: long paper

title: No-Bend Orthogonal Drawings of Subdivisions of Planar Triconnected
Cubic Graphs
author(s): Md. Saidur Rahman, Noritsugu Egi, and Takao Nishizeki
type: short paper

title: Confluent Drawings: Visualizing Nonplanar Diagrams in a Planar Way
author(s): Matthew Dickerson, David Eppstein, Michael Goodrich, and Jeremy
Yu Meng
type: long paper

title: Fixed parameter algorithms for one-sided crossing minimization
author(s): Henning Fernau and Michael Kaufmann
type: long paper

title: More Efficient Generation of Plane Triangulations
author(s): Shin-ichi Nakano and Takeaki Uno
type: long paper

title: GLuskap: Visualization and Manipulation of Graph Drawings in 3D
author(s): Breanne Dyck, Jill Joevenazzo, Elspeth Nickle, Jon Wilsdon, and
Stephen Wismath
type: poster

title: Intersection-Free Morphing of Planar Graphs
author(s): Cesim Erten, Stephen Kobourov, and Chandan Pitta
type: long paper

title: Simultaneous Graph Drawing: Layout Algorithms and Visualization
author(s): Cesim Erten, Stephen Kobourov, Vu Le, and Armand Navabi
type: long paper

title: Web-linkage Viewer: Drawing Links in the Web based on a
Site-oriented Framework
author(s): Yasuhito Asano and Takao Nishizeki
type: poster

title: Govisual for case tools Borland Together ControlCenter and
Gentleware Poseidon - System Demonstration
author(s): Carsten Gutwenger, Joachim Kupke, Karsten Klein, and Sebastian
type: short paper

title: Drawing  Graphs with Non-Uniform Nodes Using Potential Fields
author(s): Jen-Hui Chuang, Chun-Cheng Lin, and Hsu-Chun Yen
type: short paper

title: Radial Level Planarity Testing and Embedding in Linear Time
author(s): Christian Bachmaier, Franz Brandenburg, and Michael Forster
type: long paper

title: 3D Visibility Representations of Complete Graphs
author(s): Jan {\v S}tola
type: long paper

title: Three-Dimensional Grid Drawings with Sub-Quadratic Volume
author(s): Vida Dujmovi{\'c} and David Wood
type: long paper

title: Graph Embedding with Minimum Depth and Maximum External Face
author(s): Carsten Gutwenger and Petra Mutzel
type: long paper

title: Experiments with the Fixed-Parameter Approach for Two-Layer
author(s): Matthew Suderman and Sue Whitesides
type: long paper

title: Noncrossing Hamiltonian Paths in Geometric Graphs
author(s): Jakub {\v C}ern{\'y}, Zden{\v e}k Dvo{\v r}{\'a}k, V\'{\i}t
Jel\'{\i}nek, and Jan K{\'a}ra
type: long paper

title: Layout of Directed Hypergraphs with Orthogonal Hyperedges
author(s): Georg Sander
type: short paper

title: Two results on intersection graphs of polygons
author(s): Jan Kratochv\'{\i}l and Martin Pergel
type: long paper

title: The Puzzle Layout Problem
author(s): Kozo Sugiyama, Seok-Hee Hong, and Atsuhiko Maeda
type: poster

title: Visualizing Related Metabolic Pathways in Two and a Half
author(s): Ulrik Brandes, Tim Dwyer, and Falk Schreiber
type: long paper

title: A Framework for User-Grouped Circular Drawings
author(s): Janet Six and Ioannis Tollis
type: long paper

title: Stretching of Jordan Arc Contact Systems
author(s): Hubert de Fraysseix and Patrice Ossona de Mendez
type: long paper

title: A Constrained, Force-Directed Layout Algorithm for Biological
author(s): Burkay Genc and Ugur Dogrusoz
type: short paper

title: An Energy Model for Visual Graph Clustering
author(s): Andreas Noack
type: long paper

title: Laying out iterated line digraphs using queues
author(s): Toru Hasunuma
type: long paper

title: A More Practical Algorithm for Drawing Binary Trees in Linear Area
with Arbitrary Aspect Ratio
author(s): Ashim Garg and Adrian Rusu
type: short paper

title: GraphAEL: Graph Animations with Evolving Layouts
author(s): Cesim Erten, Philip Harding, Stephen Kobourov, Kevin Wampler,
and Gary Yee
type: long paper

title: Area-Efficient Drawings of Outerplanar Graphs
author(s): Ashim Garg and Adrian Rusu
type: short paper

title: Visual Data Mining with ILOG Discovery
author(s): Georg Sander, Bruno Haible, and Thomas Baudel
type: poster

title: An Experimental Study of Crossing Minimization Heuristics
author(s): Carsten Gutwenger and Petra Mutzel
type: long paper

title: Drawing Area-Proportional Venn and Euler Diagrams
author(s): Stirling Chow and Frank Ruskey
type: long paper

title: Straight-line Drawings of 2-Outerplanar Graphs on Two Curves
author(s): Emilio Di Giacomo and Walter Didimo
type: short paper

title: Track Drawings of Graphs with Constant Queue Number
author(s): Emilio Di Giacomo and Henk Meijer
type: long paper

title: Drawing Series-Parallel Graphs on Restricted Integer 3D Grids
author(s): Emilio Di Giacomo
type: short paper

title: Stop Minding Your P's and Q's: Implementing a Fast and Simple
DFS-based Planarity Testing and Embedding Algorithm
author(s): John M. Boyer, Pier Francesco Cortese, Maurizio Patrignani, and
Giuseppe Di Battista
type: long paper

title: BGPlay: a System for Visualizing the Interdomain Routing Evolution
author(s): Giuseppe Di Battista, Federico Mariani, Maurizio Patrignani,
and Maurizio Pizzonia
type: long paper

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