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     Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science
     University of Groningen
     The Netherlands

     Topics of research

Current research in Computational Geometry in Groningen is focused on
robust computation with curves and surfaces, surface meshing and
visualization. The group participates in the european project Effective
Computational Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
<> in collaboration with several
other universities and research institutes.

     Type and level of the position

This is a temporary research position for a period of at least one year,
which will most likely be extended with an other year. The position is
embedded in the research group High-Performance Computing and Imaging
<>. Supervisor will be Gert Vegter

     Your qualifications

You have a PhD in Computer Science or Mathematics, and you are
interested in research in Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, or
Computer Aided Geometric Design, preferably with experience in geometric
software libraries like CGAL <>. In particular your
research interests match those of the group in Groningen.
You are expected to have an excellent academic record, to be proven by
your PhD thesis and publications in scientific journals. You should be
fluent in English

     How to apply

Send your application, including a CV and a description of your ideas
for research in the specified area to Gert Vegter
<> (gert at <mailto:gert at>).
The position will be open until a suitable candidate is found.
Applicants are also requested to ask that two letters of recommendation
be sent to this address.

+        Gert Vegter                            +
+        Dept. of Math. and Comp. Science       +
+        University of Groningen                +
+        P.O. Box 800                           +
+        9700 AV  Groningen                     +
+        The Netherlands                        +
+        Phone: +31 50 363 3930 (3939)          +
+        Fax:   +31 50 363 3800                 +
+        URL:      +

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