PhD project: Algorithms for Music Retrieval

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Mon Sep 9 18:05:41 PDT 2002

PhD Post in Music Retrieval (vacancy number 62205)

The Institute of Information and Computing Science (ICS) at Utrecht University
(the Netherlands) offers a 4-year PhD research project for a project in music
retrieval: Orpheus (On-line Retrieval from Polyhymnia: the Human-oriented
Experimental Utrecht Searcher).

The objective of the Orpheus project is to develop algorithms for music
retrieval from large collections. Specifically, it addresses the following
three issues:
* Matching. Given a query theme or melody and one from a collection, 
   how similar they are.
* Indexing. Given a large collection of music, build a data structure to
   efficiently search for those pieces similar to the query.
* Relevance feedback. Given a selection from the collection, with positive and
   negative assessments from the user, find music that is more similar to the
   positively labeled music, and more dissimilar to the negatively labeled

Requirements: Master Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics,
or any other relevant discipline; demonstrable knowledge of, and fondness for

Job type: "Assistent in Opleiding, AIO" (PhD student)
Closing date for application: 1 October 2002
Salary: max. € 2063 / month
The project description is available at
A brief job description is at
For more information and application contact:
Frans Wiering (frans.wiering at or
Remco Veltkamp (remco.veltkamp at

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