FORTE 2002, Call For Papers

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Mon Nov 19 12:12:00 PST 2001

    Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems

                       FORTE 2002
         November 11 -- 14 , 2002, Houston, Texas

Program Chairs:

 Doron A.  Peled
 Dept. of Electrical and Comp. Eng. 
 The University of Texas at Austin
 Austin, TX 78712 
 Phone: +1-512-232-9371
 doron at

 Moshe Y. Vardi
 Department of Comp.Science 
 Rice University 
 6100 S. Main St.
 Houston, TX 77005 
 Phone: +1-713-348-5977
 vardi at

Program Committee:

 R. Alur, UPenn 
 D. Bjorner, IT University 
 G. v. Bochmann, Univ.of Ottawa 
 T. Bolognesi, IEI, Italy 
 E. Brinksma, Univ of Twente 
 A. Cavalli, INT, France 
 S. T. Chanson, Hong Kong Univ 
 P. Dembinski, IPI-PAN 
 H. Garavel,  Inria 
 S. Gnesi, CNR - IEI, Italy 
 G. J. Holzmann, Bell Labs, USA 
 A. Hu, UBC, Canada 
 C. Jard, IRISA - CNRS 
 G. Leduc, Univ. of Liege 
 D. Lee, Bell Labs, China 
 I. Lee, UPenn 
 S. Leue, Univ. of Freiburg 
 L. Logrippo, Univ.of Ottawa 
 S. Mauw, Eindhoven 
 K. McMillan, Cadence 
 M. Morley, Verisity 
 A. Muscholl, Paris 7 
 E. Najm, ENST, France 
 A. Petrenko, CRIM, Canada 
 S. Smolka, Stony Brook 
 R. Tenney, Univ.of Massachusetts 
 K. Turner, Univ.of Stirling 
 B. Roscoe,  Univ.of Oxford 
 S. T. Vuong, Univ.of BC  
 M. Yannakakis, Avaya Labs
Steering Committee:

 G. v. Bochmann, Univ.of Ottawa 
 E. Brinksma, Univ.of Twente 
 S. Budkowski, INT, France 
 G. Leduc, Univ.of Liege 
 E. Najm, ENST, France 
 R. Tenney, Univ.of Massachusetts 
 K. Turner, Univ.of Stirling 

The IFIP TC6 WG 6.1 Joint International Conference on
Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems (FORTE)
is focused on formal methods for communication protocols.
FORTE is the new name of the joint FORTE/PSTV meeting, which has combined
FORTE and PSTV into a single joint meeting since 1997.
The conference will include invited talks and tutorials by
Edmund M.Clarke, David Harel, Dave Johnson, Dan Wallach
and Elaine J. Weyuker.

The conference is a forum for presentation and discussion of the state of
the art in theory, application, tools and industrialization of Formal
Description Techniques (FDT's). Research papers and industrial usage
reports are solicited, particularly in the following areas:

>FDT-based system and protocol engineering.

>Semantical foundations.

>Extensions of FDT's.

>Formal approaches to concurrent/distributed Object-Oriented systems.

>Real-time and probability aspects.

>Performance modeling and analysis.

>Quality of service modeling and analysis.

>Verification and validation.

>Relations between informal and formal specification.

>FDT based protocol implementation.

>Software tools and support environments.

>FDT application to distributed systems, high speed
 internet protocols, multimedia and multicast protocols and services.

>FDT application to wireless and mobile communication, intelligent
 networks, network management, network security and voice services.

>Protocol testing, including conformance testing, interoperability
 testing, and performance testing.

>Test generation, selection and coverage.

>Practical experience and case studies.

>Corporate strategic and financial consequences of using formal methods.

Paper submission: 
Submission instruction will be available at the conference web site.
Submissions should be received by April 20, 2002. The deadline is firm; late
submissions and papers departing from the submission guidelines will not be
considered.  Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by
June 30, 2002.  Accepted papers will be published by Springer Verlag in the
Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, and are due by August 12, 2002.

The first page of the extended abstract and the cover letter should
include the title of the paper, names and affiliations of authors, a
brief synopsis (at most 10 lines), keywords, and contact
author's name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address.
Full original research papers and industrial usage reports should
be up to 16 pages, including abstract, names and affiliations of
all authors, and a list of keywords facilitating the assignment of
papers to referees.  For industrial usage reports, short papers up
to 8 pages are also welcome.  The submission must be in English and provide
sufficient detail to allow the program committee to assess the merits of the
paper. It should begin with a succinct statement of the issues, a summary of
the main results, and a brief explanation of their significance and
relevance to the conference, all phrased for the non-specialist.
References and comparisons with related work should be included.
Technical development directed to the specialist should follow.
Submissions departing significantly from these guidelines risk
rejection.  The results must be unpublished and not submitted for publication
elsewhere, including the proceedings of other symposia or workshops.
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