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Dickinson, John John.Dickinson at nrc.ca
Mon Nov 19 11:48:21 PST 2001

I work in reserach for the Government of Canada and we have a position
opening up which is probably of interest to people who have joined the
compgeom mailing list (especially graduating PhD students).  I'll add the
basic text description below but was wondering if anyone could suggest any
other forums for disseminating this to people with a background in

Research Associate, Solid Modeling
The Research Associate will be responsible for designing and implementing
mechanisms to internally represent, in a data model, the inputted sketch
data i.e. line strokes and constraints. The candidate will be involved in
developing sketch interpretation techniques for inferring a designer's
intent and creating 3-D solid models. The candidate will also be responsible
for developing a constraint modeler and solver to manage and interpret the
relationships within and between various geometrical entities (e.g. sketch
data and geometrical models). The candidate will also be expected to design
and implement mechanisms to preserve these relationships as the sketch

Ph.D. in natural science or engineering or, a Masters degree in an
engineering field within the last five years.

Experience with geometrical modeling, computer graphics, and pattern
recognition is essential. Experience with a solid modeling kernel e.g.
Parasolids or ACIS is required and experience with pattern recognition and
geometrical reasoning will be an asset.

For more information on this position:


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