REMINDER : Graphics Models, Special Issue on Processing of Large Polygonal Meshes

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Thu Jul 19 19:39:57 PDT 2001

                        ------ REMINDER -----

                           GRAPHICS MODELS

                           Special Issue on
                 Processing of Large Polygonal Meshes

                            Guest Editor

                           GABRIEL TAUBIN
                  California Institute of Technology
                   IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

   Very large polyhedral models, which are used in more and more in
   graphics applications today, are routinely generated by a variety
   of methods such as surface reconstruction algorithms from 3D
   scanned data, iso-surface construction algorithms from volumetric
   data, and photogrametric methods from aerial photography. The
   special issue will focus on methods designed to smooth, denoise,
   edit, compress, transmit, and animate very large polygonal meshes,
   based on signal processing techniques, constrained energy
   minimization, and the solution of diffusion differential equations.

   Examples of topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   - Representation and operations on large polygonal meshes
   - Connectivity operators
   - Geometry operators
   - Linear and non-linear Smoothing techniques
   - Filtering of normal and tensor fields
   - Anisotropic diffusion on meshes
   - Mesh sampling rate conversion / resampling
   - Curvature-based resampling
   - Fourier analysis on meshes and linear filter design
   - Mesh fairing by constrained energy minimization
   - Mesh fairing by solving PDEs
   - Multiresolution representations, editing, and smoothing
   - Applications to subdivision surfaces
   - Applications to 3D geometry compression / progressive transmission
   - Dynamic meshes

   Prospective authors are encouraged to submit high quality, original
   works which have not appeared, nor are under consideration, in any
   other journals.


      + Submission Deadline:         09/15/2001
      + Reviews returned to Authors: 12/31/2001
      + Revised paper due by:        01/31/2002
      + Acceptance decisions due by: 02/15/2002
      + Final version due by:        02/28/2002
      + Planned publication date:       07/2002

   Electronic Submission :

   Papers should be submitted electronically in PDF format.
   Send your submission as an attachement by email to taubin at 
   Three hard-copy printouts exactly matching the electronic file
   must be supplied as well.

   Academic Press (AP) encourages all of its authors to prepare and
   transmit their manuscripts and associated materials electronically.
   Information about preparation of electronic files can be found here

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