Fallschool on Triangulations

Guenter M. Ziegler ziegler at math.TU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jul 19 18:50:07 PDT 2001


                        European Graduate Program
         Berlin  ------------------------------------------  Zurich
                  Combinatorics, Geometry, and Computation

In connection with the European Graduate Program ``Combinatorics,
Geometry, and Computation'' a Fall School

                     Discrete Geometry - Triangulations from
                            various points of view

will be held from Saturday, October 4 to 6, 2001 in Alt Ruppin,
a nice little town in the vicinity of Berlin.
It will be funded/financed by the Berlin-Zurich European Graduate Program.

The purpose of the Fall School is to give an introductory overview of
several areas of Discrete Geometry and present new research trends, and
to give students working in this or related fields the opportunity to meet.

The school is addressed to graduate students (from all over Europe) 
of Mathematics or Computer Science who are interested in Discrete Geometry.
There will be spaces also for some advanced undergraduates
and/or a few postdocs.

Some basic knowledge in Discrete Mathematics/Geometry is assumed.
Students of other fields are welcome to apply if they have this
prerequisite knowledge.

The program will be presented by the following lecturers:

     Emo Welzl  (ETH Z"urich)

     J"org Rambau  (ZIB Berlin)

     J"urgen Richter-Gebert (TU Munich)

     Jack Snoeyink (UNC Chapel Hill)

     G"unter M. Ziegler (TU Berlin)

The lectures will present examples, mathematical models,
combinatorial and metric properties, as well as
algorithmic treatment and appliciations of triangulations.
A more detailed program will be available at the WWW site of
the Graduiertenkolleg soon

Each lecturer will present a lecture of two hours in English.
In addition, problem sets will be solved in small groups and discussed

The Fall School will take place in Alt Ruppin:

          Hotel Am Alten Rhin
          Fr.-Engels-Str. 12
          16827 Alt Ruppin

The costs per participant are DEM 150,00 and include full board during
the Fall School. The number of participants is limited to about 30.

Applications with a short curriculum vitae (including scientific 
background) and a short letter of recommendation of a university 
faculty member should be sent to:

              Prof. G"unter M. Ziegler
              Institute of Mathematics, MA 6-2
              Technical University of Berlin
              D-10623 Berlin

              email: ziegler at math.tu-berlin.de
              Tel.: +49 - 30 - 314-25730   office
              Tel.: +49 - 30 - 314-23354   Secr.
              FAX:  +49 - 30 - 314-21269

no later than August 30.

Further information can also be obtained from Bettina Felsner 
(phone: 030-838 75-104; e-mail: bfelsner at inf.fu-berlin.de)

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