breaking a huge tiff image

Chakravarthy Terlapu cterlapu at
Thu Nov 16 14:36:39 PST 2000


I have a huge tiff image, the image info is as follows:

Format: TIFF, 8-bit, pallette format (216633880 bytes)
Resolution : 13227 * 16378
Cropping : <none>
Expansion: 4.6874% * 4.6892% (620*768)
Selection: <none>
Colors: Got all 250 colors

I need to break this huge image into chips of size 3000*3000. Could anyone
tell me which tool I could use in Linux to do this. when i try to open the
image in Linux using GIMP, it closes. I tried to break them using Adobe
photoshop, but when i try to open using XV it shows errors like:

Warning : incorrect count for field "MinSampleValue (1, expecting 3)" tag

Warning: unknow field with tag 34765 ignored

Since this is a color image I needed to run a program that converts it to
black and white image. But when i run the program and view the output I
get a blurred image. This program has run successfullly on many other
color tiff images. 

It would be great if anyone could help me.

Thanks in advance
Chak Terlapu

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