WAFR 2000 Accepted Papers

Bruce Randall Donald brd at snow.cs.dartmouth.edu
Sun Jan 23 10:08:26 PST 2000

			      WAFR 2000
		   Fourth International Workshop on
		 Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics
			     March 16-18
			     Hanover, NH
The following papers were accepted for presentation at WAFR 2000.

Further information about the conference is available at the WAFR 2000
Web site.


List of accepted papers

Kinematic tolerance analysis with configuration spaces:
       method and case study
     --- L. Joskowicz, E. Sacks

Encoders for spherical motion using discrete sensors
     --- E. Scheinerman, G. S. Chirikjian, D. Stein

On Random Sampling in Contact Configuration Space
     --- X. Ji and J. Xiao

AutoBalancer:  An Online Dynamic Balance Compensation
       Scheme for Humanoid Robots
     --- S. Kagami, F. Kanehiro, Y. Tamiya, M. Inaba, H. Inoue

Deformable Free Space Tilings for Kinetic Collision Detection
     --- P. Agarwal, J. Basch, L. Guibas, J. Hershberger, L. Zhang

Real-time Global Deformations
     --- Y. Zhuang, J. Canny

Planning for coordinated vehicles with bounded curvature
     --- A. Bicchi, L. Pallottino

Randomized Path Planning for a Rigid Body Based on
       Hardware Accelerated Voronoi Sampling
     --- C. Pisula, K. Hoff, M. Lin, D. Manocha

Manipulation of Pose Distributions
     --- Mark Moll, M. A. Erdmann

Controlled Module Density Helps Reconfiguration Planning
     --- A. Nguyen, L. Guibas, M. Yim

Positioning Symmetric and Non-Symmetric Parts using
       Radial and Constant Force Fields
     --- F. Lamiraux, L. Kavraki

Weighted Region Optimal Path Problem
     --- J. Reif, Z. Sun

Complete Distributed Coverage of Rectilinear Environments
     --- Z. J. Butler, A. A. Rizzi, R. L. Hollis

Closed-Loop Distributed Manipulation Using Discrete
       Actuator Arrays
     --- J. E. Luntz, W. Messner, H. Choset

Pulling Motion Based Tactile Sensing
     --- M. Kaneko, T. Tsuji

Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees:  Progress and Prospects
     --- S. M. LaValle, J. J. Kuffner

Steering Algorithms for Dynamic Robotic Locomotion Systems
     --- J. P. Ostrowski, K. A. McIsaac

Compensatory Grasping with the Parallel Jaw Gripper
     --- T. Zhang, G. Smith, K. Goldberg

Reliable Mobile Robot Navigation From Unreliable Visual Cues
     --- A. J. Briggs, D. Scharstein, S. D. Abbott

A Kinematics-Based Probabilistic Roadmap Method for
       Closed Chain Systems
     --- L. Han, N. M. Amato

Toward Real-Time Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments
     --- P. Leven, S. Hutchinson

Graphical Construction of Time Optimal Trajectories
       for Differential Drive Robots
     --- D. J. Balkcom, M. T. Mason

Coupled Oscillators for Legged Robots
     --- M. D. Berkemeier

Motion Planning for Kinematic Stratified Systems with Application
       to Quasi-Static Legged Locomotion and Finger Gaiting
     --- B. Goodwine, J. Burdick

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