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Please note that the submission deadline for papers has been changed to
Jan. 17, 2000.  The original anouncement is included below.  If you are
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                            ISSAC 2000
     International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
           St Andrews University, Scotland, August 6-9, 2000


                       ACM sponsorship pending

ISSAC provides an opportunity to learn of new developments and to present
original research in all areas of symbolic and algebraic computation.
ISSAC 2000 will be held at St Andrews University, Scotland's oldest
university. Planned activities include invited presentations, research and
survey papers, poster sessions, tutorial courses, vendor exhibits and
software demonstrations.


Topics of the meeting include, but are not limited to:
  Algorithmic mathematics: Algebraic, symbolic, and symbolic-numeric
    algorithms including: simplification, polynomial and rational function
    manipulations, algebraic equations, summation and recurrence equations,
    integration and differential equations, linear algebra, number theory,
    group computations, and geometric computing;
  Computer sciences: Theoretical and practical problems in symbolic
    mathematical manipulation including: computer algebra systems, data
    structures, computational complexity, problem solving environments,
    programming languages and libraries for symbolic-numeric-geometric
    computation, user interfaces, visualization, software architectures,
    parallel or distributed computing, mapping algorithms to architectures,
    analysis and benchmarking, automatic differentiation and code
    automatic theorem proving, mathematical data exchange protocols;
  Applications: Problem treatments incorporating algebraic, symbolic,
    symbolic-numeric and geometric computation in an essential or novel way,
    including engineering, economics and finance, architecture, physical and
    biological sciences, computer sciences, logic, mathematics, statistics,
    and uses in education.


Research results and insightful analyses of current concerns are the primary
focus.  Papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee and additional
referees.  Survey articles may be suitable for submission, if clearly
identified as such, and will be considered in a separate category from the
research papers.  Simultaneous submission for publication elsewhere is not

Authors are invited to submit papers to the Program Committee Chair before
January 17, 2000.  Submission instructions can be obtained from the
conference Web page or by sending e-mail to bajaj at

A poster session will be organized separately.  Information is available
on the conference Web site.


For more information, please refer to the conference Web page,  E-mail inquiries may be sent to
issac2000 at or to one of the conference committee members
listed below:

General Chair: Tomas Recio, recio at
Local Arrangements Chair: Steve Linton, sal at
Program Committee Chair: Chandrajit Bajaj, bajaj at
Tutorial Chair: Josef Schicho, josef.schicho at
Exhibitor Chair: Marc Moreno Maza, Numerical Algorithms Group,
marc at
Poster Session Chair: Arjeh Cohen, amc at
Editor: Carlo Traverso, traverso at
Treasurer: Colin Campbell, cmc at
Publicity Chair: Paulina Chin, pchin at

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