planar embedding (Katrin Dobrindt)

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Thu Dec 16 08:08:59 PST 1999


Perhaps somebody can help me with the following problem or give me a
pointer to relevant literature.

Given:     an arbitrary triangulated mesh in 3-space (with boundaries and
Searched : its embedding in the plane.

- an easy-to-implement algorithm; its theoretical complexity is not very
important, since these meshes usually have less than 10,000 triangles.

by preference
- ideally, the planar triangles would have a 'similar' shape as their
corresponding triangles in space,
- or at least, they should not be too 'bad' for the following
FE-calculations, i.e. obtuse angles should be avoided etc.

If you have any idea, please answer to my 'personal' mail account.


Katrin Dobrindt.

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