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              Graph Drawing '98 (GD '98) 
                  August 13-15, 1998

Registration for Graph Drawing '98 (GD '98) increases 
to CD$300 (regular) and CD$175 (student) on 1 August. 
The registration forms are available at the web site, 

Here is the preliminary program. 


              Graph Drawing '98  (GD '98)
                 August 13-15, 1998   
           McGill University, Montreal, Canada
                 Preliminary Program      info at 

All technical talks and demos are in the Redpath Museum
Lecture Hall, 859 Sherbrooke St. West, on the McGill campus.  
McGill is on Sherbrooke St. West between McTavish and 
University Streets in the heart of downtown Montreal.  

All papers and demos are of 20 minutes duration. 

Registration is at Thomson House, 3650 McTavish St. above  
Dr. Penfield Street, 7pm-10pm Wednesday, August 12. 
Registration is also available at the technical sessions. 
Lunch (included in registration fee) on Thursday and 
Friday is at Thomson House.  GD '98 closes at 12:30pm 
on Saturday, August 15.  Saturday lunch is not provided. 

The banquet takes place (to be confirmed) at Club St. Denis, 
257 Sherbrooke St. East on Friday, August 14, from 7pm. 
The results of the Graph Drawing Contest are to be announced 
at that time.  

Please examine the web site for updates close to conference

----------------------- Wednesday, August 12 ---------------------- 

Registration: Thomson House, 3650 McTavish St.  7pm-10pm 
party: GD '98 participants are invited to the farewell party 
for CCCG, upstairs in Thomson House, beginning at 8pm. 

----------------------- Thursday, August 13 -----------------------

Registration:  8-9am Redpath Museum 
               + during morning coffee break 10:30-11

 9:00-9:10   Welcome Words 

Session I: 9:10-10:30am (4 papers) 

 9:10-9:30  "Embedding Planar Graphs at Fixed Vertex Locations"
             Janos Pach and Rephael Wenger

 9:30-9:50  "Planar Polyline Drawings with Good Angular Resolution"
             Carsten Gutwenger and Petra Mutzel

 9:50-10:10 "A Framework for Drawing Planar Graphs with Curves 
             and Polylines"
             Michael T. Goodrich and Christopher G. Wagner

10:10-10:30 "Crossing Number of Abstract Topological Graphs"
             Jan Kratochvil

10:30-11am break, registration desk open, poster gallery

Session II: 11-noon  (3 papers)

11:00-11:20 "Balanced Aspect Ratio Trees and Their Use for Drawing 
             Very Large Graphs"
             Christian A. Duncan, Michael T. Goodrich and 
             Stephen G. Kobourov

11:20-11:40 "Geometric Thickness of Complete Graphs"
             Michael B. Dillencourt, David Eppstein and 
             Daniel S. Hirschberg

11:40-noon  "NP-Completeness of some Tree-Clustering Problems"
             F. Schreiber and K. Skodinis

12-2pm lunch Thomson House 

Session III: 2-3:30pm (3 demos) 

 2:00-2:20 "Edge Labeling in the Graph Layout Toolkit"
            Ugur Dogrusoz, Konstantinos G. Kakoulis, Brendan Madden 
            and Ioannis G. Tollis

~2:30-2:50 "Graph Multidrawing: Finding Nice Drawings Without
            Defining Nice"
            Therese Biedl, Joe Marks, Kathy Ryall and Sue Whitesides

~3:00-3:20 "JIGGLE: Java Interactive General Graph Layout 
            Daniel Tunkelang

3:20-4pm break & poster gallery 

Session IV: 4-5:20pm (4 papers) 

4:00-4:20 "Approximation Algorithms for Finding Best Viewpoints"
           Michael E. Houle and Richard Webber

4:20-4:40 "A Combinatorial Framework for Map Labeling"	
           Alexander Wolff and Frank Wagner

4:40-5:00 "Self-Organizing Graphs"
           Bernd Meyer

5:00-5:20 "Using Graph Layout to Visualize Train 
           Interconnection Data"
           Ulrik Brandes and Dorothea Wagner

5:20-6pm Book Launching  Redpath Museum 

----------------------- Friday, August 14 -------------------------

Registration: 8-9am Redpath Museum  
              + during morning break 10-10:30  

Session V: 9-10am (3 papers) 

 9:00-9:20  "An Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Orthogonal 
             Graph Drawing"
             David R. Wood

 9:20-9:40  "Three Approaches to 3D-Orthogonal Box-Drawings"
             Therese C. Biedl

 9:40-10:00 "A Split&Push Approach to 3D Orthogonal Drawing"
             Giuseppe Di Battista, Maurizio Patrignani and 
             Francesco Vargiu

10-10:30 break, registration desk open, poster gallery  

Session VI: 10:30-11:50am (4 papers) 

10:30-10:50 "On Improving Orthogonal Drawings: The 4M-Algorithm"
             Ulrich Foessmeier, Carsten Hess and Michael Kaufmann

10:50-11:10 "Refinement of Orthogonal Graph Drawings"
             Janet M. Six, Konstantinos G. Kakoulis and 
             Ionnis G. Tollis

11:10-11:30 "Difference Metrics for Interactive Orthogonal Graph 
             Drawing Algorithms"
             Stina Bridgeman and Roberto Tamassia

11:30-11:50 "A Layout Adjustment Problem for Disjoint Rectangles 
             Preserving Orthogonal Order"
             Kunihiko Hayashi, Michiko Inoue, Toshimitsu Masuzawa 
             and Hideo Fujiwara

11:50-noon group photo (to be confirmed) on the steps of Redpath 

noon-2pm lunch Thomson House 

Session VII:  2-3:20pm (3 demos) 

 2:00-2:20 "Cooperation between Interactive Actions and Automatic 
            Drawing in a Schematic Editor"
            Gilles Paris

~2:30-2:50 "Improved Force-directed Layouts"
            Emden R. Gansner and Stephen C. North

~3:00-3:20 "Large Graph Exploration with H3Viewer and Site Manager" 
            Tamara Munzner

3:20-4pm break and poster gallery  

Session VIII: 4-5pm (3 papers) 

 4:00-4:20 "Level Planarity Testing in Linear Time"
            Michael Juenger, Sebastian Leipert and Petra Mutzel

 4:20-4:40 "Upward Planarity Checking: Faces Are More 
            than Polygons"
            Giuseppe Di Battista and Giuseppe Liotta

 4:40-5:00 "Quasi-Upward Planarity"
            Paola Bertolazzi, Giuseppe Di Battista and Walter Didimo

7pm-11pm banquet Club St. Denis, 257 Sherbrooke East near  
                 St. Denis (dinner followed by award ceremony
                 for Graph Drawing Contest Winners) 

----------------------- Saturday, August 15 -----------------------

Session IX: 9-10:20am (4 papers) 
 9:00-9:20  "Drawing Algorithms for Series-Parallel Digraphs in 
             Two and Three Dimensions"
             Seok-Hee Hong, Peter Eades, Aaron Quigley and 
             Sang-Ho Lee

 9:20-9:40  "Proximity Drawings: Three Dimensions are Better 
             than Two"
             Paolo Penna and Paola Vocca

 9:40-10:00 "Drawing of Two-dimensional Irregular Meshes"
             Alok Aggarwal, S. Rao Kosaraju and Mihai Pop

10:00-10:20 "Algorithmic Patterns for Graph Drawing"
             Natasha Gelfand and Roberto Tamassia

10:20-10:50am break & poster gallery 

Session X: 10:50am-12:20pm (3 demos)

 10:50-11:10 "Visualization of Parallel Execution Graphs"
              Bjoern Steckelbach, Till Bubeck, Ulrich Foessmeier, 
              Michael Kaufmann, Marcus Ritt and Wolfgang Rosestiel

~11:20-11:40 "A Fully Animated Interactive System for Clustering 
              and Navigating Huge Graphs"
              Mao Lin Huang and Peter Eades

~12:00-12:20 "HIGRES -- System Demonstration"   
              Ivan A. Lisitsyn

Closing Remarks: 12:20-12:30pm  See you in Prague at GD '99.

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