next issue soon!

Herve Bronnimann Herve.Bronnimann at
Fri Jul 10 18:29:26 PDT 1998

Dear readers:

I'd like to announce that after a long pregnancy of 9 months, the 
tribune is getting into shape for a new issue. It's not going to be 
premature, but please send me your contributions:

  o call for papers, announcements for the agenda
  o a report on a conference, workshop, or seminar that you attended
  o if you have organized an event, you must have written a report
    also; consider contributing this report to the tribune
  o a short contribution (1 column) on some problems that you have
    been looking at lately; very welcome are problems involving
    multiple disciplins (e.g. geometry and graphics, vision, shape
    reconstruction, manufacturing, robotics, astrophysics or molecular
  o open question you never found the answer of (don't be shy!)
  o anything you would like to see in the CG Tribune

Your friendly editor,

Herve Bronnimann.

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