[Compgeom-discuss] Re: Compgeom-discuss is dead! Long live compgeom-discuss!

Ken Clarkson clarkson at research.bell-labs.com
Wed Jan 18 17:54:14 PST 2006

Dear subscriber to compgeom-discuss:

I would like to announce the long-anticipated death of the mailing list
   compgeom-discuss at research.bell-labs.com,
and the simultaneous birth of a new list,
   compgeom-discuss at compgeom.poly.edu ,
as hosted by Herve Bronnimann at Poly.

If you were a member of compgeom-discuss at research.bell-labs.com, you are 
automatically a member of this new list.

Posting to the new list is as simple as sending a message to
  compgeom-discuss at compgeom.poly.edu
It might take a few hours or a day for the message to be approved by the 
moderators, currently myself (Ken Clarkson) and Herve Bronnimann.

Directions for subscribing, unsubscribing, posting,  and other things 
are given at
In addition, a membership and password reminder will be emailed 
automatically once a month.

The mailing list uses the refreshingly standard mailman software  (as 
described at www.list.org),  which allows a few niceties:  you can view 
the site in English, German or French, and change your personal options, 
such as:

   * getting every message separately or in a digest,
   * disabling the password reminders,
   * filtering the mailing list by topics, etc

We hope that these lists will continue to prove useful to the 
computational geometry community, and that you'll be patient with 
problems that arise.


Ken Clarkson

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