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Open Source Geometry Demos.

This web page is intended to showcase an open source computational geometry framework with interactive visualizations. We provide code for simple topological data structures that can describe planar geometry, polyhedral surfaces, and even more complex topological surfaces. Because the data structures use the same simple primitives for all levels of complexity, it provides a natural springboard for students, educators, and developers.

The main library used is p5.js, a JavaScript implementation of the Processing software sketchbook: an API for rendering graphics such as shapes, lines and ellipses in 2 and 3D. We have used this to create a library that abstract away as much of the visualization as possible without restricting the user's access to the p5.js library. This includes basic geometric primitives, data structures, and predicates that can be used to implement a wide range of geometric procedures. We also use the Ace code editor to provide interactive visualizations in the web-page, as well as descriptions and examples of the components of the library.