Postdoc position in shape indexing

Remco Veltkamp Remco.Veltkamp at
Fri Aug 19 15:31:01 PDT 2005

Postdoc position in shape indexing

For the European research project PROFI - Perceptually-relevant
Retrieval Of Figurative Images, Utrecht University is looking for
a postdoc with a background is data structures, algorithms, and
computational geometry.

The postdoc will cooperate with a PhD student. The task is to develop
and evaluate new algorithms for:

     * Indexing shapes in a huge metric space of trademark images.
     * Indexing the relative spatial layout of shapes within those images.

For a detailed project description, see

The position will be for about 1.5 year. Information on salary and how
to apply can be found at

Please send you application no later than September 18, 2005.

Remco Veltkamp, Remco.Veltkamp at
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