[Book announcement] Visual Computing: Geometry, Graphics, and Vision

Frank NIELSEN nielsen at csl.sony.co.jp
Fri Aug 12 16:35:30 PDT 2005

This mail is to announce that the book entitled "Visual Computing: Geometry,
Graphics, and Vision" is freshly out!

The book provides a concise introduction to common notions, methodologies,
data structures and algorithmic techniques arising
 in the fields of computer graphics, computer vision, and computational
The companion website offers over 50 C++/OpenGL(R) programs (URL =
http://www.charlesriver.com/visualcomputing/ ).

Table of contents:
	1. Overview 
	2. Abstract Data Structures 
	3. Coordinate Pipelines 
	4. Images 
	5. Meshes 
	6. Animation 
	7. Randomization 
	8. Higher Dimensions for 3D 
	9. Robustness 

	(Chapter 7 is provided in PDF format at

As always, I welcome your comments, criticisms or suggestions.

Frank Nielsen (Frank.Nielsen at acm.org)

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