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Mon Aug 1 16:39:32 PDT 2005

This falls under the catagory of a "shameless plug".

_Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science_, by Ken Bogart, 
Cliff Stein, and me has just been published by Key College Publishing
(a small press that collaborates with Springer-Verlag).  It is
designed for students who know how to program already, and ideally
is taken concurrently with a Data Structures course.  Almost
all of the examples are taken from Computer Science.  It was 
written for a Discrete Math course that we have taught at Dartmouth 
for several years.

Because it is intended for computer scientists we teach a number of 
topics from a different point of view than many other discrete math
texts.  Proof techniques are introduced in the concept of RSA crytography
and the number theory needed to understand it.  We emphasize proof by 
induction, and in particular strong induction and induction on structures 
like trees and graphs.  We introduce recursion trees and the Master 
Theorem for solving the sorts of recurrencess that arise in the analysis 
of recursive programs.  Probability examples are drawn from hashing and 
average-case run time analyses.  

If you are interested, look at:

and click on the title.  You can also request an examination copy 
on-line from the book's web page.

Scot Drysdale

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