Post-doc positions in graph theory and algorithms at IIT-CNR Pisa.

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Tue Aug 9 10:29:27 PDT 2005

Istituto di Informatica e Telematica
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Pisa - Italy.

We invite  applications  for  a Post-doc  positions  to be held  at the
Istituto di Informatica e Telematica  of the Consiglio Nazionale delle 
Ricerche  (CNR) of Italy
in the year 2005 for research in  "Application of techniques for 
representing, decompose, sparsify and navigate  in graphs for the 
determination of emergent cyber-communities in the web-graph ".

The  fellowship will be  funded within the European Research and Training 
Network  COMBSTRU.
Details about the Network and about the Network's partners can be found at

A brief sketch of the relevant conditions is as follows.

Level: Post-doc
Limitations: EU citizen or  of Associated States,  except Italians or 
non-Italians  resident in Italy for more than 5 years.
Age: below 35.
Duration: 10 months.
Deadline for application: September 5th 2005
Commencement: October 1st indicatively.
Gross salary: 23,500 Euro
General Skills needed in : Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science. Graph 
Theory, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Combinatorics

Full Call to be downloaded 
(Bando n. 27/2005 del 5 Agosto 2005) in Italian and English.
In case of controversy the Italian version is the authoritative one.

Associated States of the European Union at the start of 5th Framework 
Programme (2002) were:

     Cyprus (which requested EU membership in 1990),
     eleven countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech 
Republic, Estonia, Hungary,
     Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, all 
of which submitted their
     requests for EU membership in the period 1994-1996), and, since the 1 
of March 2001, Malta
     Moreover: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Israel (whose association 
is already in force).

An up to date list  of Associated Countries might be found at:

Contact person: Marco Pellegrini    marco.pellegrini (AT)

Marco Pellegrini
Area della Ricerca.
Via Moruzzi 1
56124  Pisa ITALY

tel: (+39) 050 315 2410
fax: (+39) 050 315 2333
e-mail: marco.pellegrini at
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