A3L 2nd Announcement and Call for Papers

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                    Algorithmic Algebra and Logic
   Conference in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Volker Weispfenning
                    University of Passau, Germany


The A3L conference is intended to be the first one of a series of
conferences on symbolic computation but with focus on commutative
algebra and the combination of computer algebra with logic, e.g.
effective quantifier elimination. Work on algorithms, their
implementation, and practical application.

A3L will be held at the University of Passau, Germany, from April 3 to
6, 2005.

Paper Submission
Authors should submit not later than November 28, 2004, by email to
jsc at A3L.org and/or to proceedings at A3L.org, resp.

There are two possible types of submissions:

(A) extended abstracts (2-4 pages) for the conference proceedings volume
(B) full papers for a special issue of the Journal of Symbolic

Material that is submitted only as an extented abstract need not be
original. Also it may be published in a different form elsewhere

For full paper authors (B), the usual rules of the JSC apply. The
additional submission of an extended abstract (A) is mandatory.

Important Dates
*Deadline for Submissions:              November 28, 2004

*Notification of Acceptance:            January 13, 2005

*Registration and Welcome Reception:    April 2, 2005

*Scientific Conference Program:         April 3-6, 2005

Conference Topics
Topics of the meeting include, but are not limited to:

 -Algorithmic Mathematics: Algebraic, symbolic and symbolic-numeric
  algorithms. Manipulation of formulas from logic, simplification,
  function manipulation, equations, summation, integration and
  differentiation, ODE/PDE, linear algebra, number theory, group and
  geometric computing, effective quantifier elimination.

 -Formal Deduction: Combination of methods or systems from computer
  algebra and computer deduction, design and implementation issues in
  integrated systems, formal method problems requiring mixed computing
  and proving, case studies and applications.

 -Computer Science: Theoretical and practical problems in symbolic
  computation. Systems, problem solving environments, user interfaces,
  parallel/distributed computing, programming languages, theoretical
  and practical complexity of computer algebra algorithms, code
  generation, mathematical data structures and exchange protocols.

 -Applications: Problem treatments using algebraic, logic, symbolic or
  symbolic-numeric computation. Engineering, economics and finance,
  physical and biological sciences, computer science, logic,
  mathematics, statistics, education.

Instructions for Authors
Latex styles and detailed author instructions are available at

For both sorts of submissions the authors are asked to make clear in
the abstract and in the introduction what is the relation to Volker
Weispfenning's work. The relation may be very loose. In fact, due to
the very broad scope of Volker Weispfenning's work, most topics from
computer algebra will fit fine. Contributions from the areas of applied
algebra, complexity, or model theory are highly appreciated as well.

Organizing Committee

 General Chair:
    Thomas Sturm

 Program Committee Chair:
    Andreas Dolzmann

 Program Committee:
    Hirokazu Anai, Japan 
    Eberhard Becker, Germany 
    Christopher Brown, USA 
    Victor Ganzha, Germany 
    Vladimir Gerdt, Russia 
    Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, Spain 
    Hoon Hong, USA 
    David Jeffrey, Canada 
    Wolfgang Kuechlin, Germany 
    Scott McCallum, Australia 
    Teo Mora, Italy 
    Alexander Prestel, Germany 
    Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Spain 
    Dongming Wang, France 
    Andreas Weber, Germany 
    Franz Winkler, Austria 
    Martin Ziegler, Germany

 Publicity Chair:
    Andreas Seidl

Please send all the comments to the appropriate contact: info at A3L.org

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