WAFR 2004: Call for Participation

Frank van der Stappen frankst at cs.uu.nl
Fri May 28 17:24:32 PDT 2004

Call for Participation

WAFR 2004
Sixth International Workshop on Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics
July 11-13, 2004
Hotel Figi
Utrecht/Zeist, The Netherlands

Robot algorithms are abstractions of computational processes that control
or reason about motion and perception in the physical world. Because
actions in the physical world are subject to physical laws and geometric
constraints, the design and analysis of robot algorithms raises a unique
combination of questions in control theory, computational and differential
geometry, and computer science. Algorithms serve as a unifying theme in the
multi-disciplinary field of robotics. The Sixth Workshop on the Algorithmic
Foundations of Robotics is a single-track meeting highlighting recent trends
and important future directions of research on the algorithmic issues
related to robotics and automation.

Accepted papers:

A list of accepted papers can be found through http://www.wafr.org at



WAFR 2004 is held in Hotel Figi. The four-star Hotel Figi is located in the
historic centre of the forested town of Zeist, just outside Utrecht.
The seventeenth-century Zeist Castle, the town centre, and the edge of the
woods are all within five minutes walking distance.


The registration fee includes three nights in Hotel Figi (check in July 10,
check out July 13), breakfast, lunch, refreshments during the breaks,
a welcome reception, a workshop dinner in Zeist Castle, and a copy of the
hard-cover workshop proceedings. The registration fee is Euro 650 until
June 14. After that date the fee will be Euro 800.
The forms for registration, and extra hotel nights are available through
http://www.wafr.org at


Support for PhD students:

Support from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
allows us to reduce the registration fee of up to eight PhD students to
Euro 350. See the website


for details on how to apply for support.

The WAFR Co-Chairs:

Michael Erdmann, me at cs.cmu.edu
David Hsu, dyhsu at comp.nus.edu.sg
Mark Overmars, markov at cs.uu.nl
Frank van der Stappen, frankst at cs.uu.nl

For more information and links to past WAFR meetings and papers, please
visit http://www.wafr.org .

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