Interpolation using Voronoi

Monique Teillaud Monique.Teillaud at
Mon May 24 14:31:46 PDT 2004

Fijoy George wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a set of scattered 3D data. On this I want to
> do natural neighbor interpolation using Voronoi
> tesselation. 
> I see several programs available to do Voronoi
> tesselation. But, they for interpolation purpose, I
> need a program which can handle insertion and deletion
> of points dynamically. Does anyone know of a software
> which does this?

Dear Fijoy,

You should have a look at CGAL.

The 3D triangulation package offers a dynamic 3D Delaunay triangulation 
(insertions and deletion of points).

You can dowload it from

This package is under a QPL license.
You will find a complete manual.
There is also a discussion list.

Well, just browse the web site to know more...

Best regards,

	Monique Teillaud

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