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Brad Barber bradb at
Fri Mar 26 09:55:02 PST 2004

I've moved Qhull to and released Qhull 2003.1.  Qhull 
computes convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations, Voronoi diagrams,  and 
halfspace intersections about a point.

Please update your links, replacing and with

MATLAB Rev. 14 will upgrade to Qhull 2003.1, replacing joggled input with 
triangulated output.  Triangulated output is about 1000 times more accurate 
than joggled input.  Anis Limaiem of Wilcox Associates (PC-DMIS) recently 
implemented the Crust algorithm with Qhull.

As in Sugihara's topological approach, Qhull produces topologically 
consistent structures. In addition, Qhull's output satisfies a convexity 
test for imprecise data.  In practise, Qhull's error is a small multiple of 
the minimum, maximum error for merging two non-convex facets.

Qhull needs an object-oriented API for calling Qhull from a 
program.   Please consider it for your students.  The LEDA or CGAL 
libraries may provide a good framework.  The BGL Boost Graph Library [aka 
GGCL] provides C++ classes for graph data structures and algorithms [Dr. 
Dobb's 9/00 p. 29-38; OOPSLA '99 p. 399-414]. It is modelled after the 
Standard Template Library. It would provide a good interface to Qhull.

Please let me know of any difficulties or missing/unclear documentation.


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