rectangulizing an area

Skybuck Flying nospam at
Fri Jun 4 15:35:57 PDT 2004


Is there any known algorithm for rectangulizing an area ?

I think I just invented a new word: Rectangulizing :)

Rectangulizing is like Triangulizing; Splitting a rectangle into multiple

I am looking for an algorithm that can split an area into multiple

The new rectangles could have the same height, width ratio as the original

That would be the best case.

But the ratio could also be a bit more flexible or even given.

All new rectangles should have the same dimensions compared to each other.

Ofcourse the new rectangles should cover the original area completely: no
more, no less ;)

( But... for my purposes... the algorithm could get away with a little bit
of extending the area ;) )

The algorithm may not produce more rectangles than a given number of maximum

It's ok if it procedures less rectangles than the maximum, but should try to
create as much as possible up to the maximum ;)

( I haven't given it much though yet, so any links, hints or info in case
such an algorithm already exists are welcome :D )


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