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Please see below advertisement which we would like to appear on your
mailing list.  Can you please let me know when it will appear and how to
direct candidates to it.
Many thanks,
Natalie Cooney
Human Resources Administrator
National ICT Australia Limited
Phone: 02 9209 4758
Fax: 02 8374 5508
Email: natalie.cooney at
National ICT Australia Limited (NICTA) is seeking applicants from high
performing and entrepreneurial researchers in specific programs of
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) disciplines for a
continuing appointment as Senior Principal Researcher (Level E). This
position is within the HUM (Humans Understanding Machines) Program.
The aim of the program is to investigate new ways of presenting
information to people. A few sample initial projects are: 
*          Graph visualization: making pictures of large scale
relational information such as social networks. 
*          Physical interaction metaphors: using familiar paradigms from
the physical world to navigate large abstract data sets. 
*          Ambient visualization: enhancing the periphery of the focus
of attention with useful information. 
*          Remote collaboration: groups of engineers can collaborate
over design problems using networked visualizations. 
We expect the position to be highly competitive and excellence of
research record and potential to contribute to the mission of NICTA will
be key factors in selecting applicants.
Remuneration will be internationally competitive, and funds will be
available also for research support and infrastructure, and
international conference travel support.
Further information, which details the information required from all
applicants, is available on the NICTA website (
<> ) and should be accessed before applying. 
Applications for this position should be submitted to
opportunities at  by 10 September 2004.
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