Real-time Presentation of Human Modeling and Simulation Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2004

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The Iowa Virtual Soldier at SIGGRAPH 2004

Iowa City, IA July 4, 2004  The Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) Program at 
The University of Iowa College of Engineering announced today that their
real-time presentation of human modeling and simulation technologies has 
been accepted for this year's Real Time 3DX: Demo or Die at SIGGRAPH 2004 
in Los Angeles, California.  This event, which takes place Monday, August 
9th, 6 - 8 pm in West Hall A and is organized by Sandy Ressler, National 
Institute of Standards Technology and Leonard Daly, Daly Realism, will 
offer attendees a glimpse into the early stages of VSR's research in 
real-time human simulation.  SIGGRAPH's Real Time 3DX event highlights 
real-time graphics of all types in a fast-paced, fun, and inspiring way. It 
exhibits the best real-time computer graphics work from industry, 
universities, and "secret" labs.  SIGGRAPH, now in its 31st year, is the 
most prestigious conference of its types in the world, with the largest 
audience and the highest quality, state-of-the-art computer graphics 

VSR is an independent research group within the Center for Computer Aided
Design (CCAD) at The University of Iowa.  This eight-month young project, 
funded primarily by the US Army TACOM, conducts basic and applied research 
for creating new technologies dealing with digital human modeling and 
simulation.  TACOM and the industrial design industry in general are 
looking for ways to eliminate one of the few remaining reasons to build 
extremely expensive, real-world prototypes.  VSR's objective is to create 
autonomous, digital humans that can answer human-factors questions in the 
virtual world.  The use of autonomous, virtual soldiers that can experience 
computer-modeled versions of proposed vehicles and weapons systems in the 
virtual world - and then provide feedback on those designs - would go a 
long way towards eliminating the need to produce expensive, real-world 
prototypes for human factors research.  University of Iowa researchers 
(faculty, staff, scientists, engineers, clinical researchers, and graduate 
students) from various fields including engineering, gaming, psychology, 
biomechanics, human factors, computers, optimization, and industrial design 
have come together to create this new technology.

Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) Program
Center for Computer Aided Design
Iowa City, IA. 52242
Tel: (319) 335-5722
Fax: (319) 384-0542
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