CMMSE Conference in Uppsala

CMMSE cmmse at
Thu Feb 26 17:06:41 PST 2004

Dear Colleagues:

You are cordially invited to participate in the International Conference on
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering
in Uppsala, June 4-8, 2004.

For more details see our web page

You are also invited to submit an abstract or draft paper,
see further details on our home page.

We will also try coordinate with 4ECM, see PS below.

On behalf of CMMSE 2004

Erkki J. Brändas
Professor and Chair CMMSE 2004
Executive Director Graduate School
Advanced Instrumentation and Measurements
Box 518
SE-751 20 Uppsala
E-mail: cmmse at

Note that the Fourth Congress of Mathematics, 4ECM,
under the auspices of the European Mathematical Society
starts on June 27, 2004. For more details see
Why not combine a Scandinavian Vacation bounded by two
interesting meetings.

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