Spring school on Computational Geometry

Bettina Speckmann speckman at win.tue.nl
Wed Dec 15 18:20:30 PST 2004

Spring school on Computational Geometry

A spring school on Computational Geometry wil be organized at the 
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven on March 7-8, 2005. The school is 
followed by the 21st European Workshop on Computational Geometry
on March 9-11, 2005.

Workshop/Spring school website http://www.win.tue.nl/EWCG2005/

The target audience for this spring school are PhD students and
postdocs that work in the area of computational geometry and/or in
algorithm design and analysis. The program of the school is divided
into four blocks (two per day) which are each devoted to a specific
topic. Each block consists of lectures and problem solving exercises
in small groups.

Since we can only accommodate a limited number of participants
please send an (electronic) application with a short description of
your research interests and your previous knowledge in the areas
addressed by the school to Mark de Berg (m.t.d.berg at tue.nl).
Applications will be accepted as of now. Spots will be filled on a
"first-come-first-serve" basis so we recommend to apply early. The
registration fee includes all materials as well as lunches and
coffee breaks during the spring school.

Invited Speakers:
   Lars Arge, University of Aarhus, I/O Efficient Algorithms
   Danny Halperin, Tel Aviv University, Arrangements
   Sariel Har-Peled, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Core Sets
   Marc van Kreveld, Utrecht University, Algorithms for GIS

Application Deadline:	February 7, 2005
Spring School Dates:	March 7-8, 2005
Registration fee:		50 €

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