Range Tree algorithms

Kieu Trong Khanh KieuTrong.Khanh at ait.ac.th
Wed Dec 8 22:51:33 PST 2004

Dear leader of computation geometry discuss group,
    I am implement project which relate with Range Searching! I download and implement with KD-Tree in Java. It is  interesting and useful.
    However, I would like to improve with Range Tree algorithms. But Range Tree is more complex than KD-Tree!
    Therefore, I write this email with hoping you can give me a Range Tree algorithms (with multi dimention from 1 to n) implement in Java with input data is Point! Thanks!
    I know that Range Tree is improve from KD tree from Computation Gepmetry book. However, I is not good at Java. Therefore, I see many problems when implement!
    I am very sorry to disturb you! 
    I hope your reply soon!

With regards,
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