13th Int. Meshing Roundtable CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

Alper Ungor ungor at cise.ufl.edu
Wed Aug 11 17:22:39 PDT 2004

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to remind everyone of an important deadline for the 13th
International Meshing Roundtable (IMR) which will be held in
Williamsburg, VA on September 19-22, 2004. The deadlines for early
registration and the negotiated hotel rates are both August 13, 2004.
Registration form is available at http://www.imr.sandia.gov.


Keynote Speaker:

    Jim Thomas (NASA Langley)
    "Emerging Trends in Computational Simulation"

Invited Speakers:

    Chris Johnson,(University of Utah)
    "Problem Solving Environments for Scientific Computing"

    Shing-Tung Yau,(Harvard University)
    "Application of Geometry to Computer Graphics"

    Jarek Rossignac, (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)
    "Generation and compression of 3D Meshes
     for Solid Modeling and Graphics"

Banquet Speaker:

    Greg Frederickson (Purdue University).
    "Geometric Dissections Now Swing and Twist"

Panel Session: "Meshing for Meshless Methods"

    Ted Blacker (Sandia National Laboratories)
    J.S. Chen (UCLA)
    Tadeusz Liszka (Altair Engineering)
    Mark Shephard (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Short Courses:

    Jonathan Shewchuk (University of California, Berkeley)
    "Theoretically Guaranteed Delaunay Mesh Generation - In Practice"

    Tim Tautges (Sandia National Labs)
    "Geometry and CAD for Mesh Generation"

    Lori Freitag-Diachin (Sandia National Labs)
    "Mesh Quality and Optimization"

    Nikos Chrisochoides (College of William & Mary)
    "Parallel Mesh Generation"

Workshop on Meshing for Computational Biology:

      Guy Blelloch (Carnegie Mellon University)
      David Cardoze (Carnegie Mellon University)
      Gary Miller (Carnegie Mellon University)
      Alper Ungor (University of Florida)

    Tentative List of Speakers at the Workshop:
      Tim Baker (Princeton University)
      Andrew Ban (Duke University)
      Herbert Edelsbrunner (Duke University)
      Chris Johnson (University of Utah)
      Ron Kikinis (Harvard Medical School)
      Gary Miller (Carnegie Mellon University)
      Mark Shephard (RPI)
      Charles Taylor (Stanford University)
      Harold Trease (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
      Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University).

Please visit www.imr.sandia.gov <outbind://26/www.imr.sandia.gov>  to see
the list of 40 contributed paper talks and further information on IMR.

We look forward to seeing you in Williamsburg!


13th IMR Committee:
    Alper Ungor (University of Florida), Chair
    Paul Chew (Cornell University)
    Byron Hanks (Sandia National Laboratories)
    Eric Hjelmfelt (Altair Engineering)
    Jamshid Samareh (NASA Langley)
    Reza Taghavi (Simulation Works)
13th IMR Conference Coordinators:
    Anita Vasey (Sandia National Laboratories)
    Lydia Koch  (Sandia National Laboratories)
    Bernadette Watts (Sandia National Laboratories)

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