Geombib: dead or alive?

Rene van Oostrum rene at
Wed Apr 21 17:52:47 PDT 2004

Dear Computational Geometers,

It seems that Geombib is dying; the last update dates back to August
17, 2002. I think it would be a terrible waste of effort and a loss of
a valuable tool if we would let it die. I tried to contact Bill Jones
(at jones at, offering my assistance in case he had no time
for Geombib anymore, but didn't get a response. In fact, he is no
longer listed as a faculty of the CS department of the University of
Saskatchewan, and I didn't manage to find his new whereabouts through

I would volunteer to revive Geombib, but I'm hesitating to do so
without Joe's consent. Does anyone know if he's still working in
academia, or where he can be reached? Should I just go ahead if he
can't be located? Maybe the Steering Committee could give their
opinion in this matter.

René van Oostrum

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