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            ACM  Symposium on Computational Geometry 
                       June 9 - 11, 2004
              Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY
              Sponsored by ACM SIGACT and SIGGRAPH 

The Twentieth Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry, featuring both
theoretical and applied research, and a video/multimedia review, will be
held at the Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY. We invite high-quality
submissions based on research into geometric algorithms and data
structures, into their implementation, into the supporting mathematics,
and into application in computer graphics, computer-aided design and
manufacturing, computational biology, geographic information systems,
medicine, robotics, mathematics, databases, and other areas. 

The Program Co-Chairs have assembled a committee spanning both
theoretical and applied interests in computational geometry to continue
the tradition of encouraging submissions of theoretical, applied, or
experimental nature to the conference. Topics of theoretical nature
include, but are not limited to, design and theoretical analysis of
geometric algorithms and data structures; lower bounds for geometric
problems; and discrete and combinatorial geometry.  Topics of applied
and experimental nature include, but are not limited to mathematical and
numerical issues arising from implementations, experimental analysis of
algorithms and data structures, and novel uses of computational geometry
in other disciplines.  The accepted papers will be published by ACM in
the symposium proceedings, which will be distributed to symposium
participants, and available from ACM for purchase or through the digital
library. A selection of papers from the conference will be invited to a
special issue of Discrete and Computational Geometry. 

We encourage the submission of papers supported by multimedia or video
presentations.  Supporting presentations will be automatically
considered as a submission to the multimedia/video track, unless the
authors request otherwise.  Supporting material also counts favorably in
the paper review process.


Electronic submissions to in pdf or postscript are
preferred. (For files over 5Mb, please contact one of the program
chairs.) Authors may instead mail an extended abstract to either of the
Program Co-Chairs, to arrive by December 12, 2003. 

Jean-Daniel Boissonnat             Jack Snoeyink
INRIA Sophia Antipolis		   Dept. of Computer Science
2004 route des Lucioles, BP 93	   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
06902 Sophia Antipolis, France 	   Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175, USA
Phone: +33 4 92 38 77 60	   Phone: +1 (919) 962-1969
Jean-Daniel.Boissonnat at	   snoeyink at


December 12, 2003:	Papers due
February 8, 2004:	Video and Multimedia submissions due
February 15, 2004:	Notification of acceptance or rejection for papers 
February 25, 2004:	Notification for video/MM submissions 
March 15, 2004:		Camera-ready papers and video/MM abstracts due
April 5, 2004:		Final versions of video/MM presentations due
June 9-11, 2004:	Symposium in New York


Papers should be submitted in the form of an extended abstract, which
begins with the title of the paper, each author's name, affiliation, and
e-mail address, followed by a succinct statement of the problems and
goals that are considered in the paper, the main results achieved, the
significance of the work in the context of previous research, and a
comparison to past research.  The abstract should provide sufficient
detail to allow the program committee to evaluate the validity, quality,
and relevance of the contribution. The entire extended abstract should
not exceed 10 pages, using 11 point or larger font and with at least
one-inch margins all around. If the authors consider it absolutely
essential to include additional technical details that do not fit into
10 pages, these details may be added in a clearly marked appendix that
should appear after the body of the paper and the references; this
appendix will not be regarded as a part of the submission and will be
considered only at the program committee's discretion. 

Abstracts in electronic form or hard copy must be received before the
end of December 12, 2003 (Honolulu time). Late submissions will not be
considered. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by
February 15, 2004. A full version of each contribution in final form
will be due by March 15, 2004 for inclusion in the proceedings.  LaTeX
style files for preparing the final version of the camera-ready paper
can be downloaded from (You may also wish
to see this package from Jeff Erickson:


Herve Bronnimann, John Iacono, Yi-Jen Chiang, and Boris Aronov
Computer Science Dept, Polytechnic University 
Six Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201 
(socg04 at


Oswin Aichholzer (TU Graz)
Sunil Arya (Hong Kong UST)
David Avis (McGill University)
Gill Barequet (The Technion-IIT)
Bernard Chazelle (Princeton)
Jean-Daniel Boissonnat (co-chair; INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
Bernd Gaertner (ETH Zurich)
Lydia Kavraki (Rice University)
Peter Lindstrom (Lawrence Livermore National Labs)
Anna Lubiw (University of Waterloo) 
Jack Snoeyink (co-chair; UNC Chapel Hill)
Kokichi Sugihara (Tokyo University)


Video and multimedia presentations are sought for a video review of
computational geometry.  This review showcases the use of visualization
in computational geometry for exposition and education, for the visual
exploration of geometry in research, and as an interface and a debugging
tool in software development. Algorithm animations, visual explanations
of structural theorems, descriptions of applications of computational
geometry, and demonstrations of software systems are all appropriate.
Videos that accompany papers submitted to the technical program
committee are encouraged. 

Three to five minutes is ideal for most animations and presentations of
applications; eight minutes is the upper limit.  Standard VHS videotape
is allowed, but electronic formats are encouraged (QuickTime, MPEG,
.avi, .mov, or RealPlayer). We allow submission of Macromedia Flash, MS
PowerPoint animations, Java applets, and limited forms of other
multimedia. These formats must have a 'demo mode' that requires no
interaction after e.g. pressing a 'demo' button. In case of doubt,
please email the Video and Multimedia Program chair.

Accepted video and multimedia presentations will be collected and made
available online in various formats in a web proceedings.


We encourage the submission of papers supported by multimedia or video
presentations.  Supporting presentations will be automatically
considered as a submission to the multimedia/video track, unless the
authors request otherwise.   Video and multimedia presentations can also
be submitted separately, to arrive by February 8, 2004.  

For electronic submission of a video or multimedia presentation, the
author(s) should submit a one or two-page description of the material
shown in the presentation, and where applicable, the techniques used in
the implementation, to the Video Review section of the electronic
submission server An email address of the
correspondence author and a URL or ftp address where the presentation
can be retrieved must be included. Additional material describing the
contents of the presentations, such as the full text of accompanying
papers, may also be included. The final descriptions must be formatted
according to the guidelines for ACM proceedings. 

As an alternative, descriptions and videos on VHS videotape, in either
NTSC or PAL format, can be sent to the video and multimedia
presentations program chair, to arrive by February 8, 2004:

Remco Veltkamp   
Institute of Information and Computing Sciences  
PO Box 80 089
3508 TB Utrecht, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-30-253 4091 
Remco.Veltkamp at
For more information, please visit the web page


Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection, and given
reviewers' comments by February 25, 2004. For each accepted
presentation, the final version of the textual description will be due
by March 15, 2004 (preferably electronically) for inclusion in the
proceedings. Final versions of accepted presentations  will be due April
5, 2004 in the best format available. 


Remco Veltkamp (chair; Utrecht University) 
Erik Demaine (MIT)
Christian Knauer (Free University Berlin)
Rene van Oostrum (Utrecht University)
Mark Overmars (Utrecht University)

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