Relative Distance Cartogram algorithm question

Boris Dev borisdev at
Sun Nov 30 18:51:38 PST 2003

I hope this is a comp geom problem:

If we have a distance matix can we put points on a 2
diminsional x, y coordinate grid so that they are
postioned relative to one another according to the
distance matrix elements. 

- what if distance was defined in some non-euclidian
terms based on say correlation coeffients between
composite units of an aggregate (say as a function of
USA states'
comovements). In this case all restrictions based on
data might not be met with 2 dim coordinate plane. So
3dimensions suffice?

Is there an algorithm out there?

Any advice?

Ultimately, I want to make a graph/cartogram based on
different relative measures of distance. 

Thanks much for all your time.
borisdev at    

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