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               CALL FOR PAPERS - ICALP'04

            31st International Colloquium on
         Automata,  Languages  and  Programming

            July 12-16, 2004, Turku, Finland


The 31st International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and
Programming sponsored by the European Association of Theoretical
Computer Science will take place in Turku, on July 12-16, 2004.
It is organised at Turku University by the Department of
Mathematics and Turku Centre for Computer Science. ICALP04 is
colocated with the 19th International Conference on Logic in
Computer Science (LICS04).

Papers presenting original research on all aspects of theoretical
computer science are sought. Typical but not exclusive topics
of interest are:

Track A:
  * Algorithmic aspects of parallel and distributed computing
  * Algorithms and data structures
  * Algorithms and models for large networks
  * Algorithms for computationally hard problems
  * Automata theory and formal languages
  * Bioinformatics
  * Computational complexity
  * Combinatorics and structures in Computer Science
  * Cryptography
  * Machine learning
  * Molecular computing, neural and evolutionary algorithms
  * Proof complexity
  * Quantum computing

Track B:
  * Algebraic and categorical models
  * Applications of automata in logic
  * Concurrency, mobility and distributed systems
  * Databases, semi-structured data and finite model theory
  * Logics and their applications
  * Principles of programming languages
  * Program logics, formal methods and model checking
  * Security analysis and verification
  * Semantics of programming languages
  * Specification, refinement and verification
  * Type systems and typed calculi

Authors are invited to submit a paper of no more than 12 pages in
LNCS-style, presenting original research on the theory of computer
science. Submissions should indicate which track the paper is
submitted to. No simultaneous submission to other conferences with
published proceedings is allowed. Accepted papers will be
published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer.

Workshop proposals: November 30, 2003
Submissions: February 8, 2004
Notification: March 31, 2004
Final version: April 27, 2004

  Juhani Karhumäki
  Department of Mathematics and
  Turku Centre for Computer Science
  University of Turku
  FIN-20014 Turku, Finland
  email: karhumak at cs.utu.fi

   R. Harper (Carnegie Mellon)
   A. Razborov (Princeton & Moscow)
   M. Yannakakis (Stanford)

   P. Flajolet (INRIA)
   M. Henzinger (Google)
   M. Hofmann (Munich)
   W. Rytter (Warsaw & NJIT)

 Track A
   A. Atserias, Barcelona (ES)
   G. Brodal, Aarhus (DK)
   J. Cassaigne, Marseille (FR)
   J. Díaz, Barcelona (ES), chair
   R. Fleischer, Hong Kong (HK)
   H. Gabow, Boulder (US)
   L. Goldberg, Warwick (UK)
   J. Hromkovic, Aachen (DE)
   G. Italiano, Roma (IT)
   T. Jiang, Riverside (US)
   C. Kaklamanis, Patras (GR)
   J. Kari, Turku (FI)
   C. Moore, Santa Fe (US)
   P. Pudlak, Prague (CZ)
   P. Raghavan, Verity, Stanford (US)
   M. Santha, Paris (FR)
   B. Voecking, Dortmund (DE)
   G. Woeginger, Twente (NL)
   M. Yung, Columbia U. (US)

 Track B
   R.-J. Back, Turku (FI)
   P.-L. Curien, Paris (FR)
   A. Gordon, Microsoft, Cambridge (UK)
   S. Hayashi, Kobe (JP)
   T. Henzinger, Berkeley (US)
   M. Hofmann, Munich (DE)
   B. Jacobs, Nijmegen (NL)
   E. Moggi, Genova (IT)
   J. Parrow, Uppsala (SE)
   C. Palamidessi, University Park, Penn. (US)
   B. Pierce, Philadelphia (US)
   A. Rabinovich, Tel Aviv (IL)
   D. Sannella, Edinburg (UK), chair
   W. Thomas, Aachen (DE)
   I. Walukiewicz, Bordeaux (FR)

  J. Karhumäki, Conference Chair
  T. Järvi, Co-chair (ICALP)
  L. Hella, Co-chair (LICS)
  V. Halava
  M. Hirvensalo
  I. Petre
  P. Sibelius
  T. Knuutila

For further information see:
or contact:
    icalp04 at cs.utu.fi or karhumak at cs.utu.fi

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