Inviting Nominations to the Executive Board of the Solid Modeling Association

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Sat May 3 02:44:19 PDT 2003

Inviting Nominations to the Executive Board of the Solid Modeling Association

The Solid Modeling Association, (SMA) which oversees the yearly ACM 
Symposia on Solid Modeling and Applications, is seeking nominations for new 
board members to replace board members whose turn has expired.

The duties of board members include the selection of venues and chairs for 
the ACM Symposia, their coordination with other events, and actions that 
strengthen the research community in Solid Modeling and facilitate its 
relations with the Industry and with funding agencies.

The elections of the new members of the Executive Board will be conducted 
via Email, between May 18 and June 9, 2003. Only SMA members will be 
invited to vote. To become a member, please enroll online at:

Members of SMA who have an international reputation in Solid Modeling or in 
a closely related field and are willing to help run the symposia are 
invited to nominate themselves and/or their colleagues.

To submit  a self nomination by May 18, 2003 please send an email to
nominations-2003 at with the following information:

o Title (Mr/Mrs, Dr. Prof.) First name LAST NAME
o Affiliation
o URL of home page
o Email
o Picture (optional)
o A short statement (up to 400 words) including bio, research contributions 
and interests, past involvements with the Solid Modeling Symposia, and 
summary of proposed priorities for Solid Modeling Association.

To nominate someone else, please email to 
nominations-2003 at the name and email of the person you 
wish to nominate. We will officially invite them to self-nominate.

The SMA Executive Board

Wim Bronsvoort
Deba Dutta
Chris Hoffmann
Jarek Rossignac (Chair)
Vadim Shapiro

Vadim Shapiro / vshapiro at
Ph. (608) 262-3591 / FAX (608) 265-2316
Mechanical Engineering & Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1513 University Ave / Madison, WI  53706-1572   USA
Spatial Automation Laboratory:
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