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Dear Colleagues

Please find below the FINAL call for papers for ICCMSE 2003.

Please circulated to all of your colleagues.

If you want to receive Poster(s) or Brochure(s) for ICCMSE, please send
a message to iccmse at

With my best wishes and regards

Dr. T.E. Simos
Invited Chair ICCMSE 2003



Kastoria, Greece
September 12-16, 2003 or

In the past decades many significant insights have been made in several
areas of Computational Methods in Sciences and
Engineering. New problems and methologies have appeared. There is
permantly a need in these fields for the advancement of
information exchange. This undoubtedly beneficial practice of
interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary interactions should
be expressed by an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary conference on
Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering.
ICCMSE 2003 aims at playing the above role and for this reason the aim
of the conference is to bring together computational
scientists and engineers from several disciplines in order to share
methods, methologies and ideas.

The topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):
Computational  mathematics, Computational physics, Computational
chemistry, Computational engineering, Computational mechanics,
Computational finance, Computational medicine, Computational biology,
Computational economics, High performance computing, Mathematical
Methods in Sciences and Engineering, Industrial Mathematics, etc.

General Chair: Dr. Z.Kalogiratou, Technological Educational Institution
of W. Macedonia, Kastoria, Greece.

Invited Chair: Dr. T.E. Simos, University of Peloponnese, Tripolis,

Scientific Committee:

Prof. H. Agren (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), Prof. H. Arabnia
(The University of Georgia, USA), Prof. J.
Vigo-Aguiar (University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain), Prof. D. Belkic
(Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden), Prof. K. Belkic (University
of Southern California, USA), Prof. E. Brandas (University of Uppsala,
Uppsala, Sweden), Prof. J.C. Butcher (The University of Auckland, New
Zealand), Prof. A.Q.M. Khaliq (Western Illinois University, USA), Prof.
G. Maroulis (University of Patras, Patras, Greece), Prof. S. Wilson
(Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK),  Prof. J. Xu (Pennsylvania State
University, USA)

Proceedings: Extended abstracts will be published in a special volume of
World Scientific Publishing Company.

The journals which until now have accepted to publish selected
Proceedings of ICCMSE 2003 are:

1. Computational Materials Science (Elsevier Science Publishers)
2. The Journal of Supercomputing (Kluwer Publications)
3. MATCH - Communications in Mathematical and Computer Chemistry
4. Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (JCMSE)
(Cambridge International Science Publishing)
5. Journal of Mathematical Chemistry (Kluwer Publications)
6. Mathematical and Computer Modelling (Elsevier Science Publishers)
7. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation
(Elsevier Science Publishers)
8. Journal  of Computational and Applied  Mathematics   (Elsevier
Science     Publishers)


Submission of Extended Abstract:                       April 30, 2003 -
This is the final date

Early Registration ends (i.e. fees paid and a Bank Slip
is arrived in the fax (++ 30210 94 20 091)
of Secretary of ICCMSE):                                   May 15, 2003

Notification of acceptance:                                   May 25,

Submission of the source files of the
camera ready extended abstracts to
World Scientific Publishing Company:                 June 1, 2003 - This
is the final date

Submission of the full paper for
consideration for publication in one of
the eight journals:
September 30, 2003 - This is the final date

Contact information: Secretary ICCMSE, E-mail: iccmse at, Postal
Address: 26 Menelaou Street, Amfithea Paleon
Faliron, GR-175 64, Athens, Greece, Fax: +30210 94 20 091


Dr. T.E. Simos
Active Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
Editor-in-Chief and Founder
Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (JCMSE)
ISSN 1472-7978
Editor-in-Chief and Founder
Computing Letters (COMPULETT)
ISSN 1475-5513
Cambridge International Science Publishing Ltd.
Registered in England under Registration No 214933767
Official Address:
Department of Computer Science and Technology,
Faculty of Sciences and Technology,
University of Peloponnese, GR-221 00 Tripolis, GREECE.
Postal Address:
26 Menelaou Street, Amfithea - Paleon Faliron, GR-175 64 Athens, GREECE.

E-mail: tsimos at



International Conference of Computational Methods in
Sciences and Engineering (ICCMSE 2003),
Kastoria, September 12-16, 2003
Information: iccmse at

Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics 2003 (NaCoM 2003)
Cambridge 23-26 May 2003,
Information: g.y.psihoyios at

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