common intersection of circles

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Thu Jun 12 22:36:35 PDT 2003

Hello Every one,

I am just trying to solve a similar problem posted earlier, please do reply.

Hello computational poeople,

I have 3 circles, with their centers and radius known. How would I
compute the common area of intersection of the three circles. I am not
sure if my three circles are intersecting at all. If they are intersection
the area formula should give me the value of common area of intersection
else it should return 0. Please advise in that manner.I did a
brief search on NET and was able to find a sampling based method,
which takes a point in random and sees is the point is in the common
area and proceed accordingly. But I need a definitive formula based
approach. Can you please provide me the formula common area of
intersection of three circles. Also provide me links that has the software
implementation of this problem.
Please use this general equation of the circle
(X-a)^2 + (Y-b)^2 = r^2. Where (a,b) is the center of that cicle and r
is its radius.
Thanks in advance.
Happy day,



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