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First Announcement

20th European Workshop on Computational Geometry
March 24-26, 2004
Seville University(SPAIN)

As in past editions, the goal of this annual workshop is to bring together
the researchers and students from academia and industry interested in
Computational Geometry and related fields and to promote - in a relaxed and
informal atmosphere- discussion and diffusion of the most recent work,
leading to the establishment of new collaborations and research projects.

Analysis of Geometric Algorithms Design and Data Structures referring to
	theoretical issues arising from implementations,
	geometric optimization,
	combinatorial geometry,
	analysis of geometric configurations.
Applications of Computational Geometry to
	robotics and virtual worlds,
	computer graphics,
	simulation and visualization,
	image processing, geometric and solid modeling,
	computer aided geometric design,
	geographical information systems,
	structural molecular biology.

And related topics.


Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts (2-4 pages) for talks to be
given at the workshop no later than January 8, 2004, describing current
theoretical results or applications of Computational Geometry. Details will
be available from the workshop web page.


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Looking forward to see you in Seville.


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